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re: 2012 GIANTS...TROUT >

Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
I don't read into stats too much so I can't tell you too much about them other than the typical 20th century stats before all these saber metrics came to life.

All I'm saying is Konerko hasn't been great. He's been average. Slump here, 7 game hitting streak there. Slump here, plunked in face, 18 game terror. Wrist surgery here, major slump NOW. Average is good but Rios has more timely hits and as many XBH. Konerko hits a lot of singles and hasn't been as reliable as Rios.
What? In a small sample size this has no water. 60-100 ABs in situational hitting doesn't tell us much at all. Konerko's hit a slump in June but everyone goes through them during seasons. Konerko's been by far and away their best hitter.

As far as Dunn, there's something to be said about being top five in the categories like HR's, RB's, BB's, OPS, Slugging, WAR, WZOBOAJ (a PP made up stat), but let's take into account how often he can't make contact with the damn ball in crucial situations where he needs to move the runner to the next base, hit a sac fly RBI, or simply get on base with a hit. If it's not a HR, it's a SO. And if it's not a SO, it's a BB (which doesn't get the job done).
Considering that Dunn hits better with runners on base than not this argument as well doesn't hold much water. And at you trying to discredit the stats that go against your argument. I don't have to even use advanced stats like I did to prove my point that Dunn and Konerko have been better offensively than Rios. the slash line can tell me that.

But okay, your eyes explain the entire story. kthnx.

EDIT: while Rios has so far played above average defensively, RF is hardly a position where great defense is needed. If it was CF it'd be a different story, but RF is one of the lowest positions on the totem pole as far as defensive success is concerned (just above 1B and about equal with LF). Sure it's a nice thing to have, but offense > defense at that spot.

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