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Re: Cartoon Network Mafia - Game Thread

Night 3
Shep and Striker were cruising around town in their big turquoise/green van, Striker out in the back smoking the good stuff when a bullet was fired through the window taking out poor Shepard on her birthday. Shep was dead. He/she was

Spoiler for Shep:

Daphne (Prostitute) - Town Aligned
You are Daphne. You have a keen eye for fashion but a real knack for getting into trouble. You're a sexy red-head and a real tease. You are the Prostitute. You may choose one player per Night to block from performing his or her night action. You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.

With nobody left driving the van it crashed into a large tree at high speed. Fortunately Striker was able to survive the impact and crawled out from the wreckage but maybe all that smoking had done something to him because he began to feel strange. He pulled out a gun (which he had for some reason) put it up to his temple and ended his awesome existence. Striker was dead. He was

Spoiler for Striker:

Shaggy (Socialiser) - Town Aligned
You are Shaggy, congratulations! Unfortunately you have just started the first day of a month long binge on your favourite type of plant. As a result you're so stoned that you aimlessly wander around Town each Night. You are the Socialiser. You can vote as usual but you MUST visit a player every Night. Your visit will not have any direct implications but you will show up on Watcher/Tracker reports. If you do not select a target I will randomly choose one for you each Night. You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.

Chr1st0 had witnessed this messy scene and was about to go get help before he was sniped in the back of the head. Chr1st0 was dead. He was

Spoiler for Chr1st0:

Barney Rubble (Odd Night Watcher) - Town Aligned
You are Barney Rubble. You've always had Fred's back and you are kind enough to watch the backs of all of your other cartoon pals. You are an ODD Night Watcher. Each ODD Night you may target a player, you will be informed of any and all players who visited your target over that night. You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.

A disastrous night for Town. This could prove to be a crucial day in deciding the future of this new planet.

It is now Day 4. With 16 alive it is 9 to lynch. PMs being sent out now.

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