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why so much bitching on this site?

I personally don't understand it, people complain about mods and admins, first off whats so bad about the admins or mods, obviously they got the role for a reason no reason to be butt hurt over this, after all its not like your so much more respected or anything.

Also people are going say this is bitching as well but all I'm stating is the fact i think people come on hear to bitch about there problems and get mad if we don't listen to them, like really if your a Austin/Rock/Cena/Punk fan and someone makes fun of them on a wrestling site, and if you tweak out obviously your going to be ridiculed.

I haven't really been on this site alot so is it just me or does others see alot of this happening, and im not talking about rants that are actually about something, im talking about the one's that make no sense like that gohams about a huge announcement and shit like that, and he wondered why no one actually liked him.

this rant isn't the best i know and like i said people probably think it will be me bitching about people bitching, but i just thought id say it that some posters need to learn to stop being so serious, and actually take a joke and not get so hurt and realise this is a wrestling website, not facebook where you talk to your friends, most people don't know you on this site so you shouldn't give a fuck what people think.

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