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Re: The Montreal Screwjob.. Who acted worse?

Originally Posted by westie420uk View Post
IMO going off what i can remember (its been a while since i watched Wrestling With Shadows & other vids/docs on the subject) it was all down to Bret.
He was told to drop the title & it was plain to see (in Vince's eyes) he was planning not to. You do what your boss tells you.
It makes no difference that HBK said he wouldn't drop the title to Bret or Austin, the fact is Vince had to do what was best for the WWE. Yes, he may not of done it the right way but his options were limited. He couldn't afford to have a repeat of previous events of watching WWE titles been thrown in the bin on a rival show.
I do feel sorry for Bret as his career went down hill after he left the WWE, but money talks.
I think i will watch the above mentioned docs & have a new opinion on the matter, if i do i will be sure to re-post.
As I have stated, there are a hundred other ways he could have handled it and chose by far the worst one. And this is a business with fake wrestling matches, fake stories and is full of characters that would not normally exist in everyday life. The fact that Vince chose to deal with it with REAL humiliation, REAL embarrassment and REAL betrayal makes it inexcusable.

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