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Re: Cartoon Network Mafia - Game Thread

Night 2
Titania was busy minding her own business, just leaning up against a tree she had befriended when someone decided they had had enough of the cold nights and wandered over, snapped her in half and used her as firewood. Titania was dead. She was

Spoiler for Tat:

Plank (Vanilla Townie) - Town Aligned
You are Plank. You're a plank of wood. Despite Jimmy's wild imagination which verges on the psychotic, you are still just a plank of wood. You are a Vanilla Townie. You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.

Roger Sterling was totally oblivious to this act of violence. She was filling up bottles of milk to quench Town's thirst when somebody decided they were hungry for some meat and sliced her up real good. Roger Sterling was dead. He/she was

Spoiler for Roger Sterling:

Cow (Mystic) - Town Aligned
You are Cow, a charming 7 year old with a free spirit. You're able to tap into this spirit of yours and use the awesome powers of the occult. Each night you may target a player. You will be told how the night write up would have changed (if at all) if that player had not used their night role. (for the purposes of this role a Mafia kill DOES count as a night role if that person carried out the kill however passive abilities such as BP vests will NOT be included) You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.

Rush was feeling pretty good about his handy work but then he felt a chill up his spine as he stood there, motionless, expressionless, lifeless. He pulled out a gun, stuck it in his mouth and blew his brains out. Rush was dead. He was

Spoiler for Rush:

Shredder (1 shot Human Shield/Role Revealer) - Mafia Aligned
You are Shredder, the archenemy of Splinter and the Turtles. You are also the leader of the Foot Clan. You tend to sit back behind the protection of your subjects. You have a 1 shot Human Shield ability, On one night only you may target a player. If you are targetted for a kill you will use the aforementioned player as a human shield and any kill will target that player instead. You are also the Role Revealer. Each Night you can request whether a particular role is in the game or not. You win when all threats to Mafia have been eliminated.

You can find your Mafia QT at

The first of our villains was downed, could Town find another the next day?

It is now Day 3. With 20 alive it is 11 to lynch.

PMs being sent out now. If you're dead and want the dead QT let me know.

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