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Re: The Montreal Screwjob.. Who acted worse?

Originally Posted by ZigglerMark83 View Post
I honestly cant, for a minute, believe that you believe what you're saying here. You think Bret only came back because he swallowed his pride and said "yeh man, i was the one who was wrong"

As much as Bret marked for himself, the guy did nothing to deserve the shitstorm that was the Montreal Screwjob.
When did I say that?

I'm saying that while people try to portray Bret as the innocent, he "unintentionally" caused the mess by refusing to drop the title, even if it was in Canada. His career wouldn't have been affected anymore from either scenario.

He supposedly stood up against HBK. Shawn got suspended because of their backstage fight in the summer of '97, not Bret. And I don't think Vince was totally wrong, if the screwjob was indeed a shoot. WWE was in hard times back then, why should Vince take a chance in Bret possibly jumping ship with the belt, potentially sticking a fork in WWE? Trust? This is the world of wrestling, history shows you can't trust anybody, for as many people Vince fucked over/mocked during the rival with WCW, it's only sensible that he expected and prevented Madusa 2.0 from happening, this time with his most prized possession.

You don't what was going on in Bret's mind, the "Sunny Day's" comment, the way HBK mocked his family. All this had to be cleared by Vince ahead of time. Time and time again, Vince has sided with HBK, condoning everything rotten he has done.

Answer me this: What was the reason Bret left WWE for anyway?

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