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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Damien Wayne vs Chris Escobar - VCW 02.06.2012

Has plenty of flashy Indy style spots but they structure this well and it's nicely paced out. They do a great job of working as equals and going back and forth without it ever being silly and infuriating. Wayne's wheelbarrow spot was cool. Really liked how he kicked Escobar in the gut while he was tied up in the tree of woe to set up the top rope leg drop. Looked much better than Ki's phony stomp from the same position where the other guy just sits perfectly in position for the spot rather than just falling down in the tree so Ki can't hit the move. Some of Escobar's stuff could be a bit smoother and a tad tighter but it's fine. Finish is the best part of the match which put a huge smile on my face. Represents the match perfectly I thought. Dug this a lot.

Damien Wayne been great for years. Check out his matches with Scotty Blaze and Sean Denny.
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