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People who complain about overplayed music piss me off

I sit here and don't get it, you know how the radio is because they play the popular songs over and over all day long, if you like the song listen to it on your on time, you got iPods, youtube, CD's, etc to listen to this crap on if some song gets overplayed cause all you do is listen to the radio that's you're own damn fault. I barely EVER if at all turn my radio on for the fact I don't want some song I love being ruined for me cause I hear it way too much. When I want to hear a song I go to youtube, break out my iPod, or break out one of my CD's. Now some of you might say you can't listen to youtube on the way to work or school or on a trip. Use your iPod or a CD for the trip, maybe a few if you got a CD Changer in the car it's that simple. Like honestly I know the radio overplays music I'm not saying they don't but if it gets ruined for you because it's overplayed then the blame is on you and no one else.

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