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Re: ROCKAE316 Was Banned

Originally Posted by THANOS View Post
Wait no more of this:

Incredible!! YES!!
I dunno why but that was pretty funny.

Couldn't see the second pic though. You're gonna have to repost it.

Originally Posted by Chuck Spears View Post
I am one of the true legends of this forum, but who in the Blue hell is RockAE316. Also who in the Blue hell is James Curran.
And who are you again? I see you been around here for far longer than I have although I don't think you have been around for the last year since R316 has grown to be one of the most famous/infamous posters that this site has ever seen.

Originally Posted by mblonde09 View Post
Let me just go on record, and say that I've no problem with Rock316's posts concerning ratings and numbers from the Attitude era - even his incessant Dwayne slurping doesn't bother me that much... No, it's his continued anti-Punk and Danielson bullshit, and when he spews absolute nonsense such as "most of the roster treat the business like they're on a school trip"... THAT is what pisses me off.
I loled at Dwayne slurping.

Also it seems to hurt you just because you seem to be a die hard Punk, Danielson mark.

It's always is hard to tolerate opinions for what they are if you have a bias towards someone.
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