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James Curran
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Re: James Curran.

Originally Posted by Enziguri View Post
James is the MVP of rants.
Cool story bro.

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
probably when news stations pick up the news James's pedophile teacher gives him a blow job after school or if he kills someone after pumping iron at then gym. right james?

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
K was the daddy all along?!!!

Originally Posted by Daddy Curran View Post
Ok James. I realize your problem. You need a father figure.

Your issue with blacks is now about to come full circle. As of this very moment, I am your daddy. Now, since you've ever had a black father, (who has they're never around :jay2) I am going to lay some ground rules that I expect you to follow.

-No swearing, or any type of vulgar language.
-You are to be in bed by 10pm. Don't let me catch you on the computer after 10pm.
-You are to do all chores in and out of the house.
-Every Saturday Morning Daddy listens to old school R&B throughout the house. It will be loud, and daddy will be dancing around the house. Do not try to alter the sound in anyway.
-Don't talk back. I will smack the shit out of you in a heartbeat.
-You better show me your homework every night before you go to bed.
-If a teacher has to call the house to discuss your behavior I will embarrass you in front of all your classmates at school.
-If I am in the bedroom with your mother, do not knock on the door unless you are potentially dying.
-If your mother is screaming in the bedroom. Do not knock on the door. She's not dying or in danger. She's getting banged out by Daddy.
-You are to wash daddy's car once every five days.

If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
Oh shut up.

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Headliner I'm black and my mom put me on punishment for a whole summer was younger because I dropped out of Honors LAL. That was some bullshit.
Cool Story Bro

Originally Posted by Daddy Curran View Post
At least she had goals for you though.

I remember my friend got put on punishment the whole winter by his mom because he screwed up on his first report card. At first me and my cousins were kinda hurt cause we all played video games together, but looking back she did him a favor since blacks don't mess with cold weather anyway.


-Your mother is to have dinner ready by 8, no later than 8:30.
-When I tell you to come down stairs and eat, you will say ok, pause your video game immediately and come down to eat. If you say you'll be down in a few minutes, and you stay up there, me coming upstairs to get you will not end well.
-If I catch you messing with Daddy's stuff it's an automatic whopping. I will give you the opportunity to go outside and pick your own stick to get beat with.
Shut up.

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
I'll be honest I lol'd
Yay. You lol'd. That literately made my day.

Originally Posted by GOON View Post
Will you behead him if he misbehaves?
I'll chop his dick off.

Originally Posted by Daddy Curran View Post
Nah blacks don't believe in killing their kids. We just believe in threatening them to an inch of their lives.

James do not start shit with other people. Now, if someone picks a fight with you, you better kick their ass. If you lose the fight, I will drag your ass right back to the kid and force you to fight him again.
Shut up.

Originally Posted by Enziguri View Post
Headliner is james dad?James is mixed race tough call if your racist.
I'm not fucking Mix race you stupid little bastard. I'm white.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
I was all wrong about Headliner. Look at him trying to turn around a troubled youth's life by stepping in as his surrogate father.

This shit right here is getting me emotional. Fuck.
Like a soap opera.

Originally Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 View Post
James will probably grow up to be a Uncle Ruckus and tell everyone that he has revitiligo.

Originally Posted by You're Pretty Good View Post
You need to add:
-If you drastically misbehave, you're going to get your head chopped off.
Or he can add "SHUT UP"

Originally Posted by Johnny_XTREME View Post
I never looked much in the 'rants' section, but now I see.. It's awesome.

Btw. where is James when you need him? This thread loses so much when he's not posting constantly.
I was beheading new born babies.

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
He'll be off beheading a newborn somewhere.
How the fuck did you know? You've been reading my diary.

Originally Posted by Lil'Jimmy View Post
I imagine this is similar to James Curran's life.

Nothing like it.

Originally Posted by Daddy Curran View Post
I have James doing his homework.
No you don't. I was killing babies.

Originally Posted by Daddy Curran View Post
James is now done with his homework so he is back online.

BTW - I'm not black.
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