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Re: Unpopular Sport opinions

Lewis Hamilton will never achieve half of what Senna did in his career and will only be remebered for the wrong and stupid things he has done up until now.

Lewis' career when it's finally! over will be defined and focused by the stupid Monaco outburst during last season. With him making cracks at the stewards that they had it out for him because he was black and after almost 2 hours having his own father drag him back to say sorry.

When F1 history looks back on Lewis Hamilton the first sentence they will think of will be: "Maybe it's because I'm black" not like Senna: "If you no longer go for a gap, you're no longer a racing driver".

Maybe if the tool followed the rules for once he wouldn't get into half the shit he does and actually be left alone and save the rest of us the bitching his fans keep chucking out evertime he breaks a rule!

He will also be famous for opening his trap more than once through his career and getting slapped in the face because of it. 2008: "Nobody overtakes me on the outside" (Felipe Massa the next day overtakes him around the outside and makes him look like a twat). 2011:"I'm Vettel's biggest rival this year." Finishes 5th and gets beat by Alonso in a lesser car. 2010-2011 "Nobody has ever beaten me in the same machinary." Jenson (not even that highly rated amongst F1 champions) beats Lewis easily during the 2011 period.

Also with this media crap making out he is some "Monaco specialist" when he has NEVER! got pole position there and got a lucky win in 2008 as every other top driver at Monaco (Alonso, Vettel, Webber, Rosberg) was in a midfield car at the time, so he is not one plain and simple the media and fanbase talk shite.

It was also fitting that Damon Hill on Sky had to eat his mike as he is the biggest Lewis bumb bandit around. Schumacher pole and a Webber win with Lewis falling from 3rd to 5th, so much for that "fact".

All the hype the British tabloids chucked at him, trying to make him out the next "messiah of F1" all went tits up the second Sebastian Vettel came along and pissed all over him and took everything he and his family once boasted about. He had a mental breakdown because of it and he knew from that day Vettel was better than him as even his team told him at the end of the season in 2011 they had a better car than the RB7 yet Vettel still ourdrove him at almost every race.

Youngest WDC? nope!
Youngest double WDC? too late!
Youngest triple WDC? Not before Vettel gets it...

Lewis is scared of Vettel and he knows it!

"Vettel pulled it out of the bag when he needed to," said BBC commentator Martin Brundle. "That's the difference between the great and the good."
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