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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Punked Up View Post
Oh I get it, it all makes sense. One of the most phsycotic and edgy heels in the last 10 years begins verbal assaults on a man who he claimed ruined an ENTIRE GENERATION OF WRESTLERS. There's talk of handicapping Foley's kids, and how he should be dead.

And then they just talk it out. Cute.

You know what though? I'm not gonna let it upset me for a few reasons..

A) There's still hope that all the "fued is cancelled stuff" is a work and they're gonna do the fued when they least expect it.

B) I don't find wrestling worth getting upset over, unless it's something clearly fixable like the tag division and commentary.
You said the magic word, buddy. I mean Foley's appearance imo was random as hell, so it may be in the early stages. Highly doubt it, but just because he doesn't have a over the top unique debut, doesn't mean he will go downhill into obscurity. Wasn't Punk's debut just a regular match?

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