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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by psx71 View Post
Why do I have this feeling that Vince hates Dean Ambrose? Part of me thinks that Vince doesn't really give a damn about him, and he'll end up being a guy whose hot for 1 week, and destroyed after that.

Punk and Bryan got real lucky with they pushes. Punk came in a time where WWE wanted the public to believe that they were "drug free", so they gave this guy a push to set an example, and even gave him their top belts. Not saying that Punk isn't talented, but if "talent" is anything in the WWE then guys like Tyson Kid would have been champion by now. It eventually got to the point where Punk became a solidified mid carder/fluctuating main-event talent that cannot really lose his position in the company. Fast forward to June 2011, they wanted to an angle to take out CM Punk with which ended up making him the top faces of the company today. Lucky.

Bryan on the other hand was suppose to be the first guy to lose his Money In The Bank briefcase and only ended up winning because

A) Henry was hurt
B) They wanted to have Sheamus as one of their top babyfaces going over a heel at Mania. And Henry was out, Orton and Show were babyfaces.

Also, his match only lasted 18 seconds, which in turn led to fans all around the world protesting the WWE and making Bryan a star as well.

I don't know, but I don't think Ambrose will have this kind of luck when he debuts. Really hope Vince likes him.
While he isn't Vince levels of importance, I read somewhere HHH really like Ambrose so he's got some higher ups liking him.
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