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Re: Hulk Hogan 1993

Originally Posted by Mike Zybyszko View Post
I'll give you two more:

Politics - John Cena is now known to demand long stretches of not losing at all, even by DQ. Confirmed by former writer.

Liar & hypocrite - Cena stated that he thinks athletes should go to jail for using steroids. Problem is that Cena is roided out to the max himself, and has clearly been using them his whole career.

And most of that shit on Hogan is confirmed bullshit. Most of the "no job" decisions were made by Vince himself. And if Hogan was so unwilling to job then how do you explain Billy Kidman, Vampiro, Brock Lesnar, Mike Awesome, Sting, Goldberg, Ric Flair, and the Rock? All of those jobs took place in the last few years of his active career in the late 90s early 2000s. He even laid down for pins in tag matches against Nash and Sid. Hogan has done a lot of politicking no doubt, but haters dump a ton more bullshit on him that isn't warranted.
For one that former writer actually said John Cena suggested it might be a good idea to go unbeaten from Survivor Series through to WrestleMania to help build Cena/Rock which is barely a long streak and is actually common sense when your trying to hype a match as the biggest ever. Secondly John Cena admitted to using steroids years ago before his wrestling career as he was a bodybuilder but hasn't since then and if you look at his size and shape it hasn't really changed since he debuted back in 2002.

As for Hulk Hogan willing to lose well the people you listed couldn't be worse examples as he ruined Sting/Hogan in losing because of the finish killed a years build up, he lost to Ric Flair at Uncensored in 1999 due to the referee ignoring the fact Ric Flair was bleeding despite it being a First Blood Cage match. As for The Rock and Brock Lesnar they are said to have both come with conditions with him losing to The Rock in return for a babyface run and the WWE title of which he had both and he is said to have lost to Brock Lesnar in return for taking time off. Yes he lost to Goldberg but anything else would go down as the single worst booking decision ever and even Eric Bischoff wouldn't have allowed that and Billy Kidman but it didn't do a great deal for Billy Kidman because by then it was too late.

Originally Posted by Berkajr View Post
I enjoys reading when people actually believes John Cena is not on roids or never did them
As i said John Cena admitted to doing steroids prior to his wrestling career as he was a bodybuilder but he has said he hasn't since then and if he had been doing them throughout his career then he would have been punished or someone who had left WWE with nothing to lose would have said something like Scott Steiner did about Triple H. The fact is people who don't like John Cena try to find things to hate him even further and justify it whereas with Hulk Hogan a lot of it is known or been rumoured for years and spoken about by a lot of people. Not everything that is said about Hulk Hogan is true but some of it is otherwise he wouldn't have the reputation as the biggest politician in wrestling history. People believe Shawn Michaels was a prick backstage because people said it yet it isn't believable when the same is said of Hulk Hogan for some reason.

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