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Re: Plans for D-Generation X before Shawn Michaels was injured ???

Originally Posted by MarkAndProud View Post
I think that:

1. X-Pac would still have joined but not the outlaws
2. Hbk and dx would have feuded with austin post wrestlemania (probably affecting the austin-mcmahon storyline who could have been scrapped)
3. A HBK-HHH feud would probably began during the summer, culminating in a match at summerslam 1998.
Originally Posted by FrayedEndsOfSanity View Post
I think HBK would have continued feuding with Austin and probably would have faced each other again at Unforgiven in a rematch where Austin would have gone over again (though he probably would have dropped the title back to HBK at some point)

As for DX, it would have ended in a split with HBK probably turning face again at some point and beating a heel HHH IMO.

In a way I am glad it never happened. We never would have got Austin v McMahon, potentially never the emergence of the Rock if HBK continued to get his way and I am not convinced that Austin would have got the run with the title he had. No doubt HBK of 1998 would have politicked, pissed, moaned and bitched until he got the title back.

HBK went away for 4 years and by all accounts came back a much more unselfish and refreshed person which resulted in him excellently putting over guys who deserved to be put over and giving us some classic matches in the process.
I don't think anything was ever going to stop Austin/McMahon because WWE had began pushing that straight from Summerslam in 1997 with Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting Stunner's on Sgt Slaughter, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross before finally hitting one on Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels wasn't injured until The Royal Rumble in 1998 some five months later. You could tell though that Austin/McMahon was rushed to start with as Mick Foley seemed to just be turned heel for no reason to do Austin/Foley so i'd imagine Austin/Michaels would have gone through Unforgiven and Over The Edge instead before Austin/McMahon really took off.

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