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Re: Hulk Hogan 1993

Originally Posted by dave 1981 View Post
The thing with Hogan/Orton wasn't a case of Randy Orton being punished because of his 60 day suspension as he had come back and gone over Kurt Angle upon returning if i remember rightly. I just can't imagine Hulk Hogan agreeing to lose to Randy Orton and i've heard an interview he did on Youtube in which he stated that match should have main evented Summerslam that year and he was very surprised it didn't.

A lot of people buy into the whole Hogan/Jarrett/Russo thing too much as like you said the plan was to have Hulk Hogan come back at a later date with his "World title" and then do a champion vs champion match at Starrcade if i remember right. It was said that Vince Russo went off script and went too far in his shoot because Hulk Hogan said he didn't think he should lose when he came back whilst Vince Russo wanted Hulk Hogan to put over whoever was World champion at Starrcade that year which was Scott Steiner if i remember right again.

There is definitely some arguable things on there which are more urban legend rather than fact but then there is a lot on there that people are pretty sure on and everyone knows that there has never been a bigger politician in wrestling history than Hulk Hogan but then neither has there been a bigger star. I can very easily buy into the fact that after all Hulk Hogan had done for the wrestling industry in between 1984 and 1991 he knew he could get away with things that no one else could dream of and often used creative control which was gained through his star power so i'd say most things prior to 1990 are lies or exaggerated.

It doesn't really work the same with John Cena though because no one ever hears anything bad or even percieved as bad about John Cena outside of Ken Doane lately regarding John Cena having an affair with Mickie James but never anything in regards to politics. Even with all the problems with his marriage John Cena isn't asking for time off so even talking hyperthetically about him faking injuries wouldn't be at all believable. As for refusing to job i think we know that wouldn't be true either as he has lost to many people over the years cleanly and non clean and has probably lost more times as the top guy than any other top guy in WWE history outside of The Rock.
I'll give you two more:

Politics - John Cena is now known to demand long stretches of not losing at all, even by DQ. Confirmed by former writer.

Liar & hypocrite - Cena stated that he thinks athletes should go to jail for using steroids. Problem is that Cena is roided out to the max himself, and has clearly been using them his whole career.

And most of that shit on Hogan is confirmed bullshit. Most of the "no job" decisions were made by Vince himself. And if Hogan was so unwilling to job then how do you explain Billy Kidman, Vampiro, Brock Lesnar, Mike Awesome, Sting, Goldberg, Ric Flair, and the Rock? All of those jobs took place in the last few years of his active career in the late 90s early 2000s. He even laid down for pins in tag matches against Nash and Sid. Hogan has done a lot of politicking no doubt, but haters dump a ton more bullshit on him that isn't warranted.

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