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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Wow. Didn't think I'd get that much feedback off of a curious bit of news. But have a few things to get to before the actual newswire/confirmed card. First off, I wanna address a few concerns this bit of news may have brought up. @Fluxy, no need to worry. I will NOT be going to a monthly PPV format. That was one of the many, many, many reasons I kicked up a created thread and stopped an 'E thread in the first place. @Melvisbaby & Stojy - the 'changing of the guard' really isn't a big shift or even that big of a deal. Probably just more of a heads up that I might not be using some people as often with the roster doomed to be growing. Thank all of you, gents, for even your random comments on an idea as 'different' as an offseason provide a shitload of insight for me on how it'll be run. Final random thought while I'm here - good on ya, iMac, on picking up the reigns of the BTB Interview.

Second of all, with today being June the 17th/18th, this marks the five year anniversary of me making my first ever thread/post in the BTB Section here at Wrestling Forum . Been here five years and still nothing more than a midcarder. Oh well.

Enough of my self-celebratory babble. Onto more important shit.

Originally Posted by aohdubya.com


This week on exclusives, we catch up on the dojo of Matt Sydal and his unexpected sensei, Billy Kidman, the Samoan Fight Club express their thoughts/displeasures, Low Ki reminds The Miz how strong his feet are, and we get some exclusive footage at what happened after last week's broadcast after NYPD took Paul Heyman away.

Spoiler for Paul Heyman gets some answers:
We’re brought to the scene of a police station, very late at night, Paul Heyman and the two officers we saw escorting him out of his office at the conclusion of last week. They’re standing at the front counter of the station.

Okay, so who in the hell put a threat out on my life? There better be a damn good excuse for pulling me out of a show. You coppers better tell me somethin’.

Officer #1:
We told you, Mr. Heyman, we’d tell you if we knew. All we received was this note. No fingerprints on it, it’s not signed or nothin’.
~The officer takes out a piece of paper out of a plastic evidence bag before letting Heyman look at it. He skims it over quickly

What is this, a telegram? It’s written like it’s from the 1800s.

Officer #2:
It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us, Mr. Heyman, but perhaps it makes more sense to you.

Must get to Hammerstein STOP. Must warn Michaels STOP. Too late for the Legion STOP. Heyman must be disposed of STOP. There must be a way STOP. Someone has to save this company…STOP.
~A look of terrifying realization comes over Heyman’s face when he realizes who sent him this

Officer #1:
Do you have any idea who might have written this?

Oh, I know who. Can you gentlemen do me a favor and get me a Torrie Wilson on the line?

Officer #2:
Call the Chief, tell him we’ve got a lead.
~The first officer makes his way out of the room, while the second one appears to jot a name down, probably Wilson’s, on a notepad before tipping his cap to Heyman and momentarily walking away, leaving Heyman with the note still in his hand alone

You’re right. Somebody has to save this company.

Spoiler for The Sydal/Kidman Chronicles - Ep. II:
The scene this time is one of a gym or even a warehouse of sorts, the first image we see being that of one Billy Kidman. He’s looking forward and he can’t see what he’s looking at, but it sounds like the echo of a wrestling mat. Kidman is watching intently before the mat echoes again, evidently aggravating Kidman.

No, no, no!! You gotta be able to stick that, kid! You get in the ring with that, and they’ll eat you alive.
~The camera pans to an actual ring in said gym/warehouse, where Matt Sydal is struggling to get back to his feet after apparently failing at something

Yes, sir.

It’s alright. Y’know what –
~Kidman climbs onto the ring apron and into the ring

I might need a hands-on approach to this. Let’s go.

Sydal has a somewhat stunned expression on his face, but it quickly fades when Kidman actually starts circling the ring and the two meet in the center of the ring and lock-up, Kidman getting control with a headlock, but gets tossed into the ropes by Sydal. On the rebound, Sydal hits Kidman with a fundamental shoulder block that knocks him down and gets Sydal skipping over him and rebounding again, but Kidman surprises him with his signature BK Bomb!! Sydal is absolutely flatlined, Kidman scooting from underneath Sydal and looking down at his pupil.

Always keep your head up. Your attack’s gotta be flexible, man.

Kidman’s not sure of Sydal got that message or not, but Kidman soon looks towards a turnbuckle and slowly begins ascending it, Sydal still knocked out. Kidman sets his feet up before leaping with a Shooting Star Press…but Sydal rolls out of the way, leaving Kidman to land on his feet abruptly, while Sydal leaps onto the middle turnbuckle, leaps back and plants his sensei in the face with a leaping back kick! Kidman stumbles back, only for Sydal to rush back at him and send him flipping with some nifty headscissors! Kidman stumbles back to his feet and rushes back at Sydal, who delivers a nice arm drag before rushing back at a recovered Kidman and getting an am drag on his own, both master and student pausing at an impasse…

Little rusty there, pops.

You’re a step slower than yesterday, kid.
~Kidman smiles, while Sydal laughs as the two approach each other center ring and share a small hug before separating and walking out of the ring

You think you’re ready to get back to Oblivion?

I’m ready when you are.

Then I got work to do and so do you.
~Sydal playfully puts his head down before Kidman rubs his head as the two walk offscreen, leaving the camera with a lingering shot on the wrestling ring as we fade away…

Spoiler for Always talk about them...:
We hit a scene that is an absolute mess, potentially from the last episode of Oblivion. There’s spotlights and cameras lying everywhere, a broken table not too far away, and the camera that we’re viewing through itself is shaking violently. The only thing we can hear are the cries of someone offscreen asking “PLEASE NO!” before his body is flung right into the camera’s view. The man’s lifeless body tumbles over itself as finally, two men enter the frame…Manu and Siaki, both men breathing very heavily as though they’d been doing this for a while…

Wilson…Smith…tonight, you defeated us for the first time. And we’re not taking it lightly. Oh no. Hell no. HELL NO!!
~On that final exclamation, Siaki actually punches a standing spotlight, breaking the bulb and sending it broken backwards. Siaki doesn’t even seem to flinch and looks right back into the camera

Now, we understand you can’t win’em all. But we will win it all. And what you see around you is just a small taste of what we’re gonna do to you when we get your hands on you come A Very Merry War. But you wanna know the best part? You get to see a small preview of that next week when we take on the boys with the straps themselves, the World’s Greatest Tag Team. And I promise you – Wilson, Smith, Benjamin, Haas, even Nameth and Hagar, all of you – that when we step into that ring none of you will be safe. Because that’s when we’ll do what we do best.


And we’re gonna get gold doin’ it.

Spoiler for Low Ki - Silent but Deadly:
We’re backstage in the AOW Green Zone, with The Miz standing by….

The Miz:
The worst thing about this whole thing right now is not only do I keep getting disrespected week after week, but now we’ve got a new guy on the job. What’s his name…can’t even remember the dope’s name he’s so bland. Steve Romero? What kind of name is Steve? Anyway, I’m here doin’ what I do best and that’s gettin’ the best scoops for all my peeps. So without further ado, I introduce my guest – Low Ki!
~The camera pans out to reveal a not very pleased Ki

The Miz:
So Low Ki, a couple of weeks ago, Ken Doane beat your tag team partner, Jack Evans, pretty handily. Then he beat him again two weeks later and almost gave him a concussion. Isn’t Ken Doane just seven layers of awesome?
~Ki again looks disapprovingly

The Miz:
But that’s old news. Doane also looked you in the eye and told you that you were next after he disposed of Evans. You two are set to have a one-on-one match this coming week. Tell me – what’re you gonna do when you face Ken Doane? Are you gonna beg for mercy? Drop to your knees to kiss his feet? Pray? Roll-over to avoid embarrassment? All of the above? Just what’re you gonna do?
~Miz puts the mike to Ki’s lips very nonchalantly, but is surprised when the silent warrior takes the microphone himself and speaks for on the second time in AOW in his signature low and badass voice -

Low Ki:
I’m gonna kick his ass.

No sooner do those words come from Ki’s lips does he kick Miz through the drywall!! Miz flies backward out of the set, Ki side kicking him right into a hole in the walls of the Hammerstein itself!! He doesn’t go through to the other side but now he’s caught in a gigantic human-sized hole, completely dazed, as Ki just looks on in satisfaction before walking away


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York
“To Be The Man…”

.:Confirmed for Oblivion:.

Ken Doane v. Low Ki

AOW Tag Team Champions World’s Greatest Tag Team v. Samoan Fight Club


Shawn Michaels v. Paul “The Great” Wright


A message from the man we know as Rob Van Dam

Yeah, got lazy on the preview this time again. Hope the show will be up by Wednesday/Thursday ish. Hope all can stay off the grumpy pills 'til then.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!

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