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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by rickym View Post
makes me laugh when people say 'i cant understand why your so hyped on this nobody, hes gunna be a jobber blah blah blah'

1, dean has been 'THE MAN' in every indie promotion hes been in, he went to FCW and was so KNOWN already that he became 'THE MAN' in FCW straight away, and why? cuz the guys freaking awesome at what he is doing, his character is a crazy motherfucker, and edgey over the top son of a bitch who will keep you glued to your seat to see what he does next,

these people saying he looks shit are probably related to the people who said stone cold steve austin looked shit when he first debuted, or who said rocky maivia was crap and would be nothing,

your lack of eye for talent is scary,

next you will be telling me/us that seth rollins is gunna be a part of the new generation JOB SQUAD too, pft,
To be fair, I don't think Rollins's ceiling is anywhere near as high as Ambrose's. He's too limited on the mic, so he'll probably have a John Morrison role, whereas Dean could be the top heel in the company, if they don't ruin him (which I wouldn't be surprised if they do. I know Punk said he'll do everything he can to make sure that doesn't happen, but I just don't know with this company).

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