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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Just throwing my opinion in here as well.

In a thread full of new innovations, namely in match types but also in terms of new spins on characters (RVD, Christian, etc.), the 'off-season' is probably the cherry on top. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the concept yet, seeing as I share some of the above concerns, especially how much steam might be lost in your storylines and how you plan to recover that when there's no weekly programming, but regardless I admire you for tackling one of the main 'what if's in wrestling. I definitely think you'll need to provide some serious closure before the off-season but I have faith that you'll do that. I don't see any need for a 'changing of the guard' at this stage, nor Morrison or Hardy when I think you have better talents on the roster already (unless you're feeling a possible Miz/Morrison, in which case Miz's role as punching bag could work quite well), but again, I've never been disappointed with anything you've written so far, so I'll reserve judgement. Oh, and Tyler Black & Kofi Kingston are two guys I'm a big fan of, so I look forward to seeing them.

In terms of the show itself, A Very Merry War looks like being pretty sweet; Joe/Lashley would be the one I'd be buying the card for, just because they're two monsters and it'd be an absolute ball to write in the BTB sense, let alone watch in a real life sense. That said, you've also got the finale to the slow-burn feud in Punk/Hassan, which has, for the most part, been booked brilliantly, and the possibility of a conclusion in HBK's career in the main event. As good as Jericho is as champion, I think maybe you have to be wary of flaunting him all over the product, with the WGTT segment maybe being one too many storylines for him, at least in my eyes. And don't get me started on how much I want Foley/Jericho. I also think the Samoan Fight Club need a big win after losing to the Sons on Oblivion; for a team that came into the thread pretty hot, I think they've lost a lot of steam very quickly and I think they have more potential than that. Otherwise, the tag division looks damn good, it's just SFC need a win soon on Oblivion and a good showing at AVMW, please. The Aero/Noble rivalry came to a strong close - Carlito/Perez or Aero to challenge Danielson next? And I'm still not sure when we'll see Finlay/RVD, as well as the intrigue behind the Heyman segment; lots of things for a reader to get their teeth into.

All in all, it's looking very positive at the moment. Kirby approves, royal stamp of approval n shit. Excited for the next installment.
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