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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs Daniels & Kazarian - TNA Slammiversary X
Super tag match. Really entertaining, well worked and a tremendous finishing stretch off the hot tag. Wanted AJ's FIP spell to be longer but it didn't hurt the match. Angle's limited in the tag format which means he can just stick to what he's best at. Looks like a beast suplexing everyone off the hot tag. Angle could easily be great again if he just stuck to working the hot tag in matches like this. AJ's SSP spot looked nuts and the execution was perfect. Set the finish up perfectly too by eliminating Daniels so nobody could make the save. Exactly what I want from a hot finish. Hectic, super spots, didn't whore out finishers or near falls and peaked as they finished.


James Mason vs Zebra Kid - ASW:UK 01.06.2012
Simple but effective. UK scene is really great now and Mason and Allmark are right at the top of it. Shame more people aren't watching these two. ZK's really good in control of the match and brings more than enough to get a stronger match than your norm from Mason. Norm Mason matches are really good mind, hence this is great.


Finlay vs Danny Boy Collins - ASW:UK 01.06.2012
Like Finlay and you'll like this. Love Finlay and you'll love it. Matwork is great and then they get really rough and tough and it gets even better. Proper manly fight. Spot where Collins nips up and Finlay murders him with a clothesline was wonderful. Check out Finlay's tag with Allmark from BUTLINS that's also on Deano's YT page while you're watching this. Isn't MOTYC level but it's really good and it's more Finlay and more Allmark. Best Finlay match this year bar the Kidd match from 16 Carat.


Dean Allmark vs Johnny Storm - ASW:UK 01.06.2012
And Allmark continues his amazing year with this. He's seriously as strong of a contender for WOTY based on the first 5-6 months of the year than anyone is. If you're familiar with either guy then you know what you're getting. Technically sublime and so easy to sit through and just enjoy what they're doing. I'll put the Cruz match ahead of it but this is still the 2nd best Allmark this year imo. Maybe put some of the tags on par or just behind it.


Rowdy Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean vs Robbie Brookside & Frankie Sloan - ASW:UK 01.06.2012
Yes these are all of the same ASW:UK show. It was a Legends show too proving you can have great legends shows with great wrestling on them. This is the least of a MOTYC than the other 3 but it might be my favourite match of the year purely based on an enjoyment scale. Knight and Ocean are truly despicable heels you can't help but love to hate. Their valet Sweet Saraya is incredible too. Cuts one of the best promos of the year pre match and she's a total annoying bitch throughout the match too. Heels dominate the match up to the finish which makes the finish a stronger payoff. Goofy spots with the heels and Saraya were amazing. Wanted more from the Liverpool Lads but the Superflys more than carried it enough to make it great. Whole show is on Deano's YT page as per.

Watched Richards/Edwrads IV too and thought it was decent which I guess means ROH fans will think it's great. Still had issues with it. Selling was inconsistent, looked too much like a choreographed dance routine at times rather than a wrestling match and the finish was terrible but it didn't offend me to the point I regretted watching it. Less than 20 minutes air time too which I guess helps. I still want Kevin Kelly to die though.
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