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Default Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
I got Skyrim yesterday and I'm really, really enjoying it. Why the heck didn't I buy this earlier? The developers have put so much work into this game. The opening scene really sets the pace well and I just can't help but not marvel at the environments. It's such a beautiful game. Riverwood at sunset- glorious.

I'm on my second quest where I have to retrieve the Dragonstone. I think once I do that I'm going to hold off on the main quest for a while and fulfill some side quests. I gotta join the Legion. But man I love just aimlessly wandering around taking in the scenery.

Skyrim is a masterpiece IMO and I've only played it for about 2 hours lol.
Glad you're enjoying it, it's a fantastic game.
Personally I'm not far into the main quest at all I've done about 5 or less parts of the main quest. It's not that I don't want to play the main quest, it's just I keep getting distracted by other things lol.

Lately I've been doing alot of the Misc. quests, like yesterday I found a note on some guys desk (in a house I broke into lol) and it said there was a bandit leader in some cave who needed to be killed. So I did that, looted the cave and got my (100 gold coins T_T ) reward.

The only quests I'm not a fan of are "Collect 10 cave bear hides" or "Collect 20 Nightshade" etc.. Sometimes I forget I need those things so I have to buy them back after selling them lol..
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