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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

So I thought I'd just pop in here, because I was a huge fan of this when it first started. Now I'll openly admit to have not followed anything recently, so I'm a little off on things. This means I'll just give some thoughts on the news you've posted and wait to pick things back up when you post your next show.

Firstly, the PPV being in Canada and the whole titles being classified as 'world' titles thing is something I dig. It just adds more legitimacy to the company. I also like how you mentioned the company probably won't be able to fill up the whole arena with fans, it adds a bit of realism which is something I like. You'd probably recall this as I was against you having a PPV so early in thread time, and whilst I still think you could have held that, the big shows have delivered wonderfully.

I don't really care for this changing of the guard nonsense. A changing of the guard this early just seems like an excuse for you to bring in more guys you want to use and get rid of some guys so the roster isn't overly big. I'm happy for you to get rid of some people and bring in some youngsters, but I hope you don't waste roster space with junk like Morrison and Hardy, so I'll have to wait and see how you do things before my opinion is fully formed.

I'm also 50/50 on the offseason thing. I love most things innovative, and this is certainly a different idea, but I just feel as if the thread will lose a lot of steam. Focusing on developmental camp is actually a good thing, but the whole icard thing is something I'm not big on. Alright we'll get three big matches a month, but they'll be with little to no build, which means no matter how great the matches are, they're going to be missing that emotional build up/emotional psychology. So I'm definitely intrigued to see how you'll handle that as well.

You've done very well with this thread from what I've seen though, so I'm pretty impressed. I'm not grumpy anymore, so hurry up and get the next show up before my mood changes.

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