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Re: the "stop bullying" campaign is retarded.

Originally Posted by Geralt of Rivia View Post
seriously, these fucks who promote "anti-bullying" are only giving more ammo to the coward bullies. if some kid that's getting bullied snitches, he's only gonna get bullied more. it isn't gonna stop shit, but apparently these people and their anti-bullying campaign think it will? i remember i got bullied by this one fucktard back in 8th grade. at first i didn't do anything, but after a few weeks, i finally just elbowed him in the mouth, and that was that.

so how do you stop bullying? FIGHT BACK. even if you lose, the shithead bully will KNOW you aren't an easy target. bullies are pussies who prey on people who don't do shit. if you fight back he'll know you're not gonna put up with his crap. so parents, don't tell your kids to "tell an adult", because that shit will make it worse. put your kid in a sport, something like greco or freestyle wrestling. he'll get in shape, build a SHITLOAD of confidence, and will fuck a bully up quick. i remember there was this one little kid who would ALWAYS get bullied in highschool. he was some little 9th grader, but then he joined the wrestling program. the bully tried to pick on him again and he straight up hit a double leg that sent that bastard to the concrete head first. it was bad ass.
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