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Re: Official Rugby League & Rugby Union Thread

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
I like Durant over Lebron, he's my favourite player. Lebron is a better player if you just focus on stats, Durant is a far more likeable person. Having said that, i told Lebron i would sell him a ring but he only had 3 quarters. A joke that has a greater statistical backing than anything else you can split Durant and Lebron with.
Anyway, just for fun...

Lebron regular season career averages: 27.6 points per game (with 30.0 best in a season), 7.2 rebounds (7.9 peak), 6.9 assists (8.6 peak). Heís had five seasons of 26+ points and over 7 rebounds + 7 assists.

Durant regular season career averages: 26.3 points per game (30.1 high), 6.6 rebounds (8.0 peak), 2.8 assists (3.5 peak). Obviously, heís never cracked a season of anything, yet alone five. In his best season statistically (this season) heís had the worst turnover number of either player in a single season.

Lebron is the superior scorer, rebounder, passer... and he also has him covered in other departments such as FG% and steals.

Lebron playoff averages: 28.5 points per game (35.3 best), 8.6 rebounds (9.0 peak), 6.6 assists (8.0 peak)
Durant playoff averages: 28.1 points per game (28.6 best), 7.9 rebounds (8.2 best), 3.3 assists (4.0 best)

No comparison.

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
Mentally he checks out and hands the ball off to Wade while sitting outside the 3 point line late on.
Mentally, Wilt Chamberlain may have been a marshmallow, I donít know, but you look at his statistics and tell me he wasnít far better than KAJ. "I saw Kareem play... I remember this one season... blah blah blah". Opinion is gibberish.

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
Okay using stats from fox sports and the daily telegraph, i'll do a little comparison between some NSW props. ftr i want Tamou and Woods. Not a fan of Hunt or a few others Renegade mentioned.

... Woods is a far harder worker, gets through more metres, more tackles, offloads more, and the kicker, been more consistant over a longer period of time.
Originally Posted by Renegadeô View Post

Well played RUSH :jordan2
You kids new at this? Firstly, Rush, you haven't even specified what you see as the prerequisites to being an Origin prop. Go back a few pages, Grant has ticked all my boxes since 2010. Woods has been doing it longer? Wrong.

The other thing is you've failed to put it into context. We've already ascertained Grant has been doing it longer, so for your form fix...

Statistics available to Stuart before any Origin team is picked:

Grant 145.3 metres per game
Woods 114.7

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
So going by STATS, how can you say Grant deserves a spot over Woods.
That's how.

26/ 11/ 06
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