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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Yeah, AI still needs to be a lot more aggressive than it is. I might lose a match now and then because my finishers keep getting stolen and I fuck up the pin kickout but every match I have against the AI is going to be 99% me on offense and a bunch of reversals.
Exactly. I can dominate 99% of a match, then the AI steals my finisher and hits it on me(or just hits any move on me) and cause of the kickout meter, I'll lose right away. Yet if I were to do that to the AI, they wouldn't lose cause you need to get 2 areas in red before they'll be down for the 3 count(on hardest difficulty).

Hopefully THQ realizes that more countering doesn't mean a better/harder game. It just makes people more annoyed with the game cause that's the only thing about the AI that makes it harder to win. And it's more annoying than hard with the amount of coutnering we see, especially when the counter rate is the exact same from the time you start a match,to the end of it.

You could play an ironman match and after 20+ minutes, the opponent could be in the red, but they'll still counter just as much as when the match started.

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