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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

With you being away for a while, this seems like as good a time as any for me to get caught up on things. So like I did for 619, I'm just gonna offer a few random thoughts on the thread in general.

First of all, I honestly thought you would have been at SummerSlam by now, as when I left you were posting at quite the frequent pace. But I'm glad you're not, as at least I'll be around to see it first hand. On Raw, Michaels as referee for Batista/Kane is a really interesting choice, although the set up for it has been pretty strong. Christian/Flair has the potnetial to be something really special, although the stipulation makes me think Flair is gonna pull this one out the bag. I dunno why, but I think Flair still has plenty to offer the thread, so I'd be surprised to see him retire now. Kennedy arriving on the scene soon should equal big things, and I'm interested by the fat you're having him debut on the red brand And Muhammed Hassan continues to be a character you use very effectivly.

As for SmackDown, the Great American Bash was a really strong show, a great effort from you there. It's always good to see Matt Hardy as US Champion, so props for that. The main event scene on SmackDown right now is just so exciting when compared to Raw, given some of the names involved. Cena, Angle, Orton, JBL, and now it seems Undertaker, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio and even Lashley could be thrown into the mix, really exciting stuff.

Anyway, enjoy your time away, recharge the batteries, and then I'll get back to reviewing when you start posting again. Laters.
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