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Re: Should I leave the forum forever?

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
Well people like attention. It's not just you but apparently since you post a lot of videos and pictures around here you get surrounded by a lot of "fans" who would probably do anything for you. That's not entirely your fault but you sure don't do much that says you want them to stop telling you how pretty, beautiful you are and how they want to hook up with you on Facebook.

This indicates to me that you like it. I might be wrong but sure as hell it does come off this way cat.

No if you had a dick you might still want to do it for attention. It would depend on the situation but there are dozens of attention seekers on this site. Male and female alike I would believe although different methods are used to achieve the same effect for both of them.

Also you we might have gotten around this sooner and quite frankly I'm quite surprised you finally want to talk about this seriously without insults that stopped meaning anything ages ago.

So kudos to you I guess.
I don't post those videos for attention.

I am a very honest person and I have said many times I don't think I am anywhere near a model. Not ugly, but not a model. Perhaps decent/average. I only posted those videos because it was easy to own people. They want to talk shit and come at me with accusations that I am not really a girl so they get obliterated by 10 second videos. It's the fun of it, not the attention. I don't really care for attention. I am not shy, I am actually quite bubbly and open, so I get noticed quite a lot, but that is just my personality. I like to laugh and have fun and I don't take much seriously. It gets me a few short lectures at work because I don't take things seriously enough and I am 'too bubbly'. Well, shit, sorry, but I don't feel like stressing myself out over things. Shit happens, getting mad about it wont make it suddenly reverse itself. My basic outlook is 'life goes on'.

I really don't care about the 'drooling' some people do, either. I am rather down to earth and happily married. I don't care for people's dicks on an online forum. I am very dedicated and loyal, and I don't go looking for any other guy. Of course, compliments and such are appreciated, but it doesn't make my head swell, or get anyone in my e-pants. I am not here for drooling guys. I am here to fuck around in rants for a little entertainment and to chat with people about wrestling or movies or video games. If attention comes from it, blame the people giving it, I guess, because I am not going out of my way to get any. I am a friendly as hell person, which seems to be the opposite as what people here think of me, but I don't really mind. They can think what they want. A lot of people had the same thought and then spoke to me and changed their mind. I insult people, sure, just like everyone else here, because it generates some laughs, but, get in a conversation with me and people can see how I normally am. I don't go insulting people in life 24/7, if at all, even. It's just something to do here to create some entertainment.

This is just natural in a forum that is mostly a sausagefest and when a girl comes along that enjoys 'men stuff', OMG BONERVILLE

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