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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
Yeah Gold isn't an issue for me now... double enchantments sell for alot. Also there's an invisible chest in Dawnstar like to take advantage of. It's where those traveling Cat sellsmen keep their stash haha You get alot of shit you can sell from it... plus you get stuff you might wanna keep like soul gems.

Here's a video showing you where it is. You can keep going back there after a certain amount of time to loot it again...over and over.

As for my gear for conjuration spells costing me zero magicka. I have a Falmer Helmet with Magica incress of 62 points and Conjuration spells cost 25 percent less to cast

Necklace, ring and circlet all with the same thing. It's the 25 percent less to cast part that's great since all it takes is four of those items to make the spells cast for free.

I have the same thing for my Illusion spells only it's 28 percent less to cast and Magicka regenerates 70 percent faster. so yeah it costs me nothing to do those spells.

I haven't enchanted anything like that for destruction spells yet since I don't use them much. So yeah, I have Archer gear Conjuration gear and Illusion gear.

Oh yeah I also have a set of lock picking gear and pick pocket gear....

I did pretty much the same but I have different sets of equipment for each school of magic. I also didn't reduce it to 0 mana cost since it becomes kinda easy so I tried to strike a decent balance.
I just looted that invisible chest over and over until I had enough soul gems for all of my enchating, although I did make a few trips along rivers to fill up some empties too. Doesn't take that long really

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