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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by D.M.N. View Post
Some more detail:

Hour 1
Q1 - 2.88 rating / 4.15 million <-- 1 minute of commercials; Vince/Johnny/Sheamus opening segment
Q2 - 2.59 rating / 3.74 million <-- 5.5 minutes of commercials; Sheamus vs Tensai
Q3 - 2.69 rating / 3.88 million <-- 7.5 minutes of commercials; Teddy/Johnny/Vince/Vickie backstage, Tensai destroys Sakamoto, Raw 1000th moment, Truth interview
Q4 - 2.76 rating / 3.98 million <-- 4 minutes of commercials; Santino/Layla vs Ricardo/Beth; Otunga/Vince/Kofi/Johnny backstage; Bryan entrance

Hour 2
Q5 - 3.39 rating / 4.96 million <-- no commercials; Bryan/Kane/Punk/AJ in-ring segment
Q6 - 3.40 rating / 4.96 million <-- 6.5 minutes of commercials; Fatal 4 Way match
Q7 - 3.30 rating / 4.82 million <-- 3.5 minutes of commercials; Fatal 4 Way match conclusion; Vince/Natalya/Cameron/Naomi/Ryder backstage, Ryback squash
Q8 - 3.30 rating / 4.82 million <-- 7 minutes of commercials; Steel Cage 'entrance', Vince/Hornswoggle/Cena/Otunga/Regal backstage; Kofi entrance; Big Show entrance

Hour 3
Q9 - 3.59 rating / 5.14 million <-- 3.5 minutes of commercials; Steel Cage match, Sin Cara vs Curt Hawkins
Q10 - 3.28 rating / 4.69 million <-- 7.5 minutes of commercials; Cara/Hawkins conclusion (about 1 minute), Triple H/No Way Out hype, Vince/Bryan backstage, Raw 1000th moment
Q11 - 3.50 rating / 5.01 million <-- 3.5 minutes of commercials; Heath Slater vs Vader, Make a Wish trailer, Punk/AJ backstage, Kane/Bryan entrances
Q12 - 3.49 rating / 4.99 million <-- 3 minutes of commercials; Punk/AJ entrances, Punk/AJ vs Kane/Bryan, ECW DVD trailer, SmackDown trailer, start of final segment
Overrun - 3.99 rating / 5.72 million <-- overrun = 13 minutes long, no commercials (obviously)

Conclusion: I feel sorry for American's that watch TV live... and it's pretty evident why certain quarters did not do as well (ie Q10).

Based on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmDYF8g3iNQ

How long does an average 2 hour episode of Raw last in USA? Cause I think Canada might be diff lengths. Canada starts 15 mins later than USA, and I'm wondering if Canada just has less commercials as well. Cause average Raw lasts 2 hours 10 mins in Canada, but commercial breaks seem to last like 3 minutes.

But WWE is probably the worst at commercial breaks of all shows on TV(except football,who has a commercial break every 2 minutes it seems like lol).

Why can't they just have consistent commercial breaks. No commercials during matches either.

It sucks watching it on TV and then having them come back from a commercial just to see a backstage segment that's useless,a 2-3 min video package for something random, then the "up next" screen and back to more commercials.

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