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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Been lazy as fuck with feedback recently, not that I was amazing at it at any point, but you get my drift. With me beginning to write again and with the college year coming to a close, I should be dishing out feedback left, right and centre so I can guarantee you some feedback for most, if not all of your shows in the future As well as actually writing some of my own

But yeah; everything in the informer and the AOHDUBYA.com news seems very promising. The idea of an off season is a bit marmite to me, but I personally love the idea. It really adds to the realism aspect of the business. Also, the idea of the little icards small shows is a good one as well, somewhat maintaining the interest of the audience. On paper, all of this is a good idea and has great potential, hopefully you can fulfill the potential

A PPV outside of USA is also great and makes AOW look somewhat legit. I can't really complain here, although you did mention the short space between the PPVs, please don't eventually fall for the "1 PPV per month" schedule; it's so overused and boring, tbh, and I feel a bimonthly PPV schedule would be much more effective, especially in a smaller company like AOW.

I hope you're swerving us with Hardy and/or Morrison. Neither man offers anything special to the product to be honest. Yeah, Hardy adds some name value and experience to the roster, but so does Mysterio, Storm and Skipper yet you're also saying that they may be phased out a little bit (which I agree whole-heartedly with, btw). And whilst Morrison is young and is talented in the ring, i can't see where he fits in on the roster to be honest. Hopefully you're swerving us, but that's down to personal preference!

Finally; give Tyler Black a good gimmick, plz. Kofi Kingston I could care less about unless you're going to add some real substance to his character, but Tyler is so talented in the ring, it would be a shame to give him a bland gimmick/character.

Keep trucking, fella, it's working out great for you!

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