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Re: Let me explain....

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
So as you probably guessed by now I'm back in Rants. Now if you might be one of those tl;dr folks and don't like to read long threads you might want to skip this one since it's gonna be an awesomely long read(as always).

I can explain everything I done so far and why I did what I did.

Now let me explain to you why I got 38% of the votes in the poll. Or why you thought it was justified. Let me take you back to August 2011 and tell you a little tale how it all begin. Before this is over you might have a better understanding to why you think it's ok to be an ice hater/fan.

August 2011... I came to this place as a wrestling fan like many of you. Obviously I came here to talk about wrestling without trolling/flaming/spamming and to which to this day I have been keeping myself in reasonable lines on WF in general. If you don't believe me point me out posts where I have flamed/spammed/trolled like some of you claim I have.

If there is proof those won't be difficult to find. Those who find that you are more than welcome to throw those first stones(obviously rants are excluded in this case since it's a special case/place in WF).

So after a short while I found myself in Rants. This place obviously is one of those places where flaming is allowed (within limits of course). I encounter such places in other forums I'm part of so I have a pretty good idea what they are about.

Like many other rookies I encountered cat early on. Besides being hostile and obviously seeking attention I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. She said a lot of tough chick crap which is highly irrelevant to this day and only one thing that actually mattered in the long run.

Cat you told me: "No one will remember your name" right? Your words. Basically I do not know if you knew at that time or not but you threw me a challenge. And I'm a guy who actually likes challenges I accepted.

Obviously I was in no rush whatsoever to start heavy ranting so I took my time. There where a lot of folks around here besides you who just kept pushing me over the edge. You pushed day in and day out. Deep down you wanted someone to step up to you. I believe you knew that pay back was coming eventually.

So finally after about 8 months of "rising above hate" I decided it was time to embrace it. I would finally become a heavy ranter who would take "it" to whole another level.

Although at that time I did not know that these:

"*You should not insult someone's family member if he or she is not a registered user (insulting someone you don't know is a bad idea -- he or she could be sick, dying, or even dead)
*You may insult nationality (to a certain degree -- i.e. don't bring up 9/11 to insult the U.S., etc.)
*You may not insult sexuality
*You may insult religion (to a certain degree -- i.e. don't stereotype about a religion such as Muslims)
You may not tell someone to go "kill themselves"."

Where actually not guidelines but actual rules. It was really hard to determine. Once I did it was far to late and I have crossed a lot of lines.

So 6 days of massive raging around I was humbled for a week. In all and all as I stated it was the right call. Also JM thanks for the 1 week vacation in Hawaii. It was marvelous...I joke, I joke.... but seriously as said absolutely the right call and I have no beats with it whatsoever.

This is why first thing I did when I came back I pmed admins to talk about lines. Although I crossed them myself if I knew where they where I could warn others.

So as I told you before Headliner and JM I did not pm you to be weird or annoy you at all...I did it for a good reason.

Now I came back and started to do this whole flaming with style which 38% of the voters apparently hated. You guys definitely did not pay attention to either wrestling aspect of the game or did not think hard enough before you started responding.

I gave myself a lot of nicknames like: King Ice, The Greatest One, Mr Fantastic and Mr Universe in the name of entertainment. I thought more of you would understand humor in that but alas.....

None the less Seabs made the list (to this day not much of an explanation why he put me on the list) and obviously 38% votes later I was banned from Rants for a week. Now I won't whine and complain about that but maybe at one point he might want to tell me why he put me in it.

Although in all and all it happened for a reason and it seems he wants me to drop the nicknames and all that.
I have no problem doing it since I had no intentions doing that for a long time. Since it would have become stale and boring after a while.

Also I do believe it's time to only come here for more serious topics (like weed, social, life issues and such). So today we will officially end over the top flaming with style carer of ice_edge.

Although I will continue with creative style of posting in my own way. And blue is here to stay forever. So if you have any problems with anything I said rant on my dear friends...rant, take pisses, make jokes to your hearts content...since we all know words don't hurt people... Facebook does.

Also this is hardly a rant...but rather an explanation of what happened these last 10 months that might get heated. So take it for what it is.


Now here is a few things I wanted to say to few people here:

Cat: You should really look hard to what you are doing here. I know it's fun to be a sadist who gives people red rep for pleasure but you should really ask yourself why it gives you pleasure. Maybe something is not right with your life that you need to take it out here.

You have a hard shell that a lot of people find pretty hot around here but we all know there might be some insecurities that you have with yourself deep down that no one knows about...being foul mouthed chick on the net will only get you so far in life....there is a brighter side for you waiting on the outside. This might sound weird to you but not everyone out there wants to get to your pants. I sure don't since I know this has nothing to do that....it's only a way to feel embraced and liked and given attention....since lets face it people love attention hence why they do crazy things.

Red: To be honest I have no problems with you. Never had and I believe we have far more in common than you think. It's really time for us to take a really good chat. Although we won't agree on Facebook but I do believe on politics in general we will. So anytime you're ready....

Witty: Here you go. You have the reasons.

Seabs: Any time you want to give me some proper answers please do.

Joe Styles: I told you before..you are just trying way to hard around here. Now you have an explanation and differences between flaming an trolling. You just can't know anything until you do. Also I still do not think you know how the internet works. You just know one side of the story and not 3 of them... But if you want to find out you can contact me.
lol What a retard.

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