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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Originally Posted by The Informer
~A few hours ago, AOW sent shockwaves through the wrestling world – and it has nothing to do with anything they’ve done on TV. It’s actually what they’re planning not to do. The company has secured it’s third PPV date with the venue being not just outside the Hammerstein, but being in a different country. AOW’s third PPV, The Outer Limits, was confirmed earlier today via the company’s website. The PPV is to take place on March 16th, which is interesting considering the gaps that’re usually between PPVs/Supershows. This would only be roughly a month after This Is Exile, which takes place on February 3rd. More on the PPV in a bit, but the huge thing announced was after that PPV, AOW Wrestling announced it would be the first mainstream wrestling promotion that actually hosts an ‘offseason’. This was discussed earlier in the year as a possibility, but looks like they’re going all the way on this one. Details on how AOW’s ‘offseason’ would work can be found at aohdubya.com.

~Back on news regarding the PPV, The Outer Limits will take place in the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Some critics of the company have already noted that the Bell Center seats over 20,000 with AOW not having much success barley filling 70% of the seats at their first PPV. But with the biggest thing this does to AOW, financially successful or not, is what it does to the titles. Whenever a championship is defended in another country, it can officially be branded a ‘world’ title, so this event, right before the aforementioned ‘offseason’ will officially put any title defended at the show on the world title map, as well putting AOW on an even bigger map than before.

~With those two ballsy moves by the company, we’d like to remind you of another one – the apparent signing of a still very much mystery Superstar from the WWE roster. There is still extreme mum on who it is at this point. No one’s even sure where to begin speculation at the moment, but most are speculating one of two men in Matt Hardy or John Morrison. Morrison hasn’t been treated the best on-screen for the ‘E since returning from his summer drug suspension, with Hardy not being seen on television since Cyber Sunday and it has been documented that his contract would expire soon with the company.

~If that roster addition weren’t enough, there is expected to be an AOW changing of the guard very soon. Rey Mysterio’s knee injury will keep him out anywhere from another month to another three months, Lance Storm and Elix Skipper will only be somewhat part-time characters while training folks in OVW, and there may even be the first ever AOW roster cut approaching after the holidays. Expect the debuts of some OVW standouts, with as I mentioned in an earlier report, would most likely point towards Kofi Kingston, Tyler Black, or both.

Until next time, this has been The Informer…

Originally Posted by aohdubya.com

AOW is proud to announce that our third Pay-Per-View extravaganza, The Outer Limits! This monumental event will take place in another spot that already has a great deal of wrestling history behind it – the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!! Don’t miss AOW’s first ever look in a whole different country on March 16th! Tickets and travel packages go on sale immediately following this week’s broadcast of AOW Wednesday Night Oblivion.


A selling point for how grueling professional wrestling is has always been the fact that unlike any other sport, wrestling never has an offseason. But following the history of injuries of pro wrestlers and the intense nature of the profession, as well as the tragic events of earlier this year, Art of War Wrestling has decided that following The Outer Limits PPV, the company will have the first ever professional wrestling offseason of sorts. It would take place from March 17th to June 18th with AOW going off the air for three months-time. This will be used to give our competitors a much need breath of air so as they can continue giving you the best wrestling in the world for a much longer time.

In that three month period, AOW will host an AOW “Match of the Week” that will be broadcast live or for later viewing on aohdubya.com from the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky, the home of AOW’s development affiliation promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling. There will also be one iCard a month consisting of three matches, where AOW title matches will be on showcase so as to not violate the 30-day defense rule. This is still a very much experimental notion, but AOW will work hard to further the evolution of professional wrestling in the best ways possible.

Muchos gracias to cp and Brownson for the feed. So yeah, just a little bit of notes and news for now that I didn't put in spoiler tags b/c I thought it was kinda big for the thread. Went through the discussion thread the other day, and I know this isn't the "different" approach everyone is always looking for, but a pro wrestling offseason is something I've always wondered about and decided to see what would happen. Also, with my new job, the hours are unexpected as hell, so feedback/reviews for you guys might come slow as molasses (if at all ).

Newswire and show preview should be up within a few days and show itself should be up sometime next week barring something terrible. Hope you all don't hate me 'til then


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
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