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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

If you've not seen any of Makabe's title matches then you've probably only seen injured and recovering Makabe. He has only recently started looking good again.

Spoiler for BOSJ FINALS Review:

- There will be spoilers

BOSJ Final Day at Korakuen

- The finish they show to Takahashi/TAKA is beautiful! HIROMU~!
- Taguchi and Kendrick would make quite the sleazy tag team.
- Rocky Romero successfully creates a new chant - "Taichi [wa-kai-are(sp?)] - FO-RE-VER!"
- PAC vs. BUSHI and Liger vs. Devitt looked like they were great. The whole 6/9 show did. I hope it pops up somehow.
- Devitt and PAC advancing eh? I heard all this talk of Oro and figured he would be doing something in the semis. PAC advancing is interesting. PAC might be the best gaijin interview out there. He speaks looks genuine in speaking kayfabe with the right terms. He's won me over, smarky selling issues within his previous league matches aside. I hope NJPW either steals him or there is some kind of Dragon Gate feud. "Hell no. Fuck Dragon Gate".
- Super J this, Super J that. Does anyone have what it takes to take down the undefeated IWGP J Champion tonight? It's almost as if Taguchi beating a damaged-from-participating-in-a-revenge-match and undefeated-in-league-competition Low Ki would put Taguchi in a big way, avenge Taguchi's earlier loss while setting up an anticipated title/rubber match AND be an all around feel good moment at the same.

1. Angel de Oro & Daisuke Sasaki vs. Jado & Gedo
A Jado Flair dominated opener. That's really all you need to know. He randomly taps Daisuke like a boss. What is the appeal of Daisuke Sasaki? I do not get it. Angel de Oro receives a standing O post match. Cool, cool! I hope he comes back.

2. Rocky Romero, Brian Kendrick & Alex Kozlov vs. KUSHIDA, BUSHI & Hiromu Takahashi
The foreigners should have come out to the Spanky Swagger Song instead of Romero's theme, but this is ultimately forgivable because the match is RIDICULOUSLY FUN. Kendrick finally gets a chance to shine and he looks great doing so. First chunk built around funny gaijin miscommunication, second chunk is well paced/timed highspots, third chunk is a quality finishing stretch. This is the goods right here. ★★★½+ Apparently all three foreigners will be around for FOREVER~! I sure hope so.

3. BOSJ XIX Semi-Final Match: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. PAC
Taguchi counters PAC's high-flying by working one of the finer technical wrestling strategies I've seen in a while. He works the arm ever so beautifully without having to resort to armbreakers and strikes, each maneuver progressively more damaging while unique. The best part is that many of the holds he employs work both the arm and neck at the same time. He uses this not only as a means of attempted submission, but the neck-aimed impact moves he uses at the end all target PAC's injured shoulder as well. PAC's struggle and selling are great. The counters were good, most of the transitions decent, and each man looked great at the final bell. A match without nearfall spam that winds up having a satisfying, logical finish is almost always a good match. A very smart match featuring a very good Taguchi performance. ★★★★

4. BOSJ XIX Semi-Final Match: Prince Devitt vs. Low Ki
This is an odd way to work something advertised as a revenge match. It's really intense a couple of times yet meh in-between those sequences. Ki randomly stomps Devitt's leg at one point and applies a Scorpion (of all locks). The subsequent finish falls flat because it feels rushed and there was no real struggle. Good, not great. ★★★¼

5. Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima & Captain New Japan vs. Takashi Iizuka, Toru Yano & YOSHI-HASHI
God dammit, this series of 6 mans' has just been the worst, but since we're on an A show at Korakuen so I'll give it a chance.
It would ideal for me if Kojima eats the long workover, Tenzan hot tags and Captain fights to the end. However, it will probably be Tenzan getting worked over and the other two getting a turn before a Tenzan finish. After the shorter than usual brawl, Tenzan starts. Sugoi... Wait, Kojima steals a Yano chair and saves the match from purgatory. Wait, many chairs! Hardcore, dude! TenKoji each got DQ'd for using chairs on the lead-in shows. Tenzan threw a chair and the butt end hit Y-H in the head, nice. Kojima removes the turnbuckle pad? Iizuka of all people is the one getting fucked? TenKoji wrestling heelish? WHAT DA? Vintage TenKoji! Hell yes! Kojima working like he's leading the VDM brings about some actual hate. If Tenzan doesn't botch Calf Branding then this match officially passes... He scores! What the shit? Yano's fresh, aw crap, here it comes... Yangolians, Yano.To.Ru! Quick reversal! Tenzan's gone! Lovely. Captain finally tags in late. That's twice that Kojima has saved his team from a long, tedious workover! 3D! Super face charge up! YANO DICK PUNCH WIN! YES YES YES!

A best case scenario match right here. ★★★+ Epic angle after a shockingly decent match. Looking forward to the tag title match.

6. Togi Makabe, Jushin Thunder Liger & Tiger Mask vs. Minoru Suzuki, Taichi & TAKA Michinoku
Starts run-of-the-mill but all of a sudden Tiger shows fire for the first time in about two centuries thanks to MiSu. A superb Taichi/Liger finishing segment that you just have to see follows. ★★★¼ A quality hype match for Dominion.

7. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Hirooki Goto & Tetsuya Naito vs. Okada Kazuchika, Shinuke Nakamura & Tomohiro Ishii
The crowd officially doesn't care about Goto anymore unfortunately. This CHAOS combination is NWOesque in that they are reliable cool heels. Shinsuke received the most pre-match chants but was barely in this. This match was well laid out but Tanahashi was messy toward the end multiple times so it killed both his popularity and the match's ultimate potential. Naito is all "hell no" to tagging Tanahashi, rethinks the idea, and then ends up tagging him in anyway. Interesting. Tanahashi's comparison to Cena never really held up until recently. He has taken to enduring absurd amounts of offense by whole teams, not just one opponent, and quickly coming back and winning. Still, they gave Ishii a good finishing stretch and he produced two legit nearfalls which is awesome. Ishii and Honma used to offset each other as midcard fall guys and their spots seemed permanent. Now, YOSHI-HASHI is ranked below Ishii and by some stroke of luck Ishii is getting a small push, and that is wonderful. Tanahashi's weak performance just made Okada even more popular and that's fine by me heading into Dominion. 3 in a row for good hype matches. ★★★¾

8. Best of the Super Juniors XIX Final Match: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Low Ki
There is a 166% chance that Taguchi wins this barring unforeseen shoot circumstances. Shit gets good real fast when Low Ki almost Crazy Cyclone's Taguchi's eye out. Taguchi's instantly red and swelling eye makes for a cool inadvertent doctor check ten count spot that adds to the match. Taguchi gets noticeably stiffer with his offense in general following that. Taguchi breaks Ki's ribcage on a table that refused to break. At least that's what it looks like because Low Ki sells that shit like death until he leaves the arena. So you've got at least one injury and two pissed off, stiff working workers in front of a hot crowd. Needless to say, it gets intense. That's a bonus of pure psychological luck for a match that while not flawless, is organic and wrestled well. The crowd is a testament to the negative predictability factor because they know what's up before the finish. They still end up stomping and enjoying it, but this is no Goto/Tanahashi 2011 for heat marks. I see others liking this more than Devitt/Ki which I seem to be a lot higher on than most, but it's not quite at the same level for me personally. Excellent match though. ★★★★¼ Winner: Rysuke Taguchi via Jado's Law in ~366 days.

- So, Low Ki wins next year unless he's not around anymore. Him beating KUSHIDA would be cool. Taguchi gets rejected while trying to hug Milano after the match. You simply do not mess with a man's fine Italian vest! Tis an odd motley crew for the interview beer bash. Tiger Mask makes a speech while he, Goto, Oro, PAC and KUSHIDA enjoy a six pack with the champ. Our very own Enuhito parks himself behind Milano and enjoys playing to the camera during the post-show commentary whilst Wonderful Tonight plays in the background. That's the cue to wrap it up before anyone else can follow (I believe Linkin Park, Evanescence and Eminem respectfully would have followed) Sir Eric.

7 good matches and a quick, fun opener. You cannot go wrong with this show.

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