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Re: Rurouni Kenshin Mafia - Game Thread (Day 1)

Originally Posted by Hohenheim of Light View Post
1. There are cases that town doesn't have the roles that mafia possess. In such situations, the mod confirms this in the mafia QT early on. If assuming that Flashflood is the mafia BG, then this is applicable.

2. If he was town BG, his role should've affected the lightningrod. (Did he say who he actually tried to protect anyway?) But it didn't, and the notion of a rolestopper hasn't been answered by any informative role (e.g. all roles but the mafia kill would be blocked, so everyone with a night role should've gotten the dreaded PM).

3. If FlashFlood is actually Town BG, a bigger defense is expected of him. This is the most important reason for my lynching him b/c he seems to have given up, when in fact, if he is the town BG, he should've been able to defend himself better. He's pretty much done nothing.

1) maybe

2)Have you asked everyone with night role maybe they all have got I think many have said they have got including evolution, striker, impulse, big man , flashflood etc and have all said it said they couldn't use their role some way or other

3) I think he defended ok maybe he could done a bit more and maybe he should have cleared on what he couldn't use his role instead saying roleblocked

Anyway I am not sure what to make out of this but I feel he might be town and town hasn't got any strong case against him

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