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Re: Rurouni Kenshin Mafia - Game Thread (Day 1)

Originally Posted by Titania View Post
That was a heck of a lot to go through.

:| Now that is rude.

Okay, it appears we need to talk. I wasn't aware that you were upset with me. Remember, it's just a game. Magic, I'm sorry that I tunnelled you the last two games and helped to get you killed. MY BAD. It was nothing personal. Yes, I've been playing badly as town lately but I'm aware that I need to not tunnel nor just lynch people because I want the game to move forward. Don't worry, I'm not going to tunnel you in this game. I feel bad about it.

Why claim your role on day 1 when there's no pressure on you?

I'm Villain Aligned.

How is it my best day, Shep? I hope you're town so you'll prevent me from getting Magic or myself killed if he's town as well, not to mention other people who can't read me at all.

I think the reasoning behind the Flash wagon was really poor and it sucks that the BG has been outed already. Watcher on him so Flash can protect a strong player that's playing obvious town. I don't think the Rising post was a scum slip, that's just Rising. I don't like Boss' play so far, how he apparently claimed with no pressure on him and how he's been wagon jumping.

Lynch Boss

Question: Has anyone seen that Lightning Rod role as a scum role before? Just wondering.
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Wow, that was a lot to catch up on, again.

I feel like you're overdoing this. It reminds me of something you said/your behavior in Jobbers where you were scum.

Unvote BOSS
Vote Shepard

I'm glad you're not upset with me and I hadn't realized it's been that long since you actually made it far in a game.
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
I don't like the reasoning that we should lynch Flash, who's claimed BG and hasn't been counterclaimed, just because he'll be a distraction all game. Remember, a person can only be a distraction if you choose to make them that. Given the speed at which his wagon took off on day 1, the reasoning behind it, and his play today it seems like he's more likely to flip town than scum. I think he should just be left alone because it's too much of a risk to lynch the BG this early in the game. If he's town scum will have to shoot him at night because he'll stand between them and power roles/players.

I don't like Haystacks play today and how hard he's been trying to push Flash's lynch through.

Lynch Haystacks
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Unvote Haystacks
Vote Flashflood

He better flip scum.
seems like you're wagon hopping a lot

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