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Re: Rurouni Kenshin Mafia - Game Thread (Day 1)

The rolestopper stops every role other than the mafia factional kill on the night it is used, but as it appears 2 kills went through. And I didn't read anything confirming it from the players who were involved in the PM conversation. IMP brought it up a couple of times, but Scumbag kept is quiet.

In theory, a rolestopper would be easily identified if an investigative role didn't get the result they were expecting. This can be put forth easily into the context of something else. I didn't see anything of the sort. And no, I'm not asking informative roles to come forward.

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
scum will both push this and defend this. it's likely to go through anyway so if anything scum will have pushed it early to make sure it goes through and then when it picked up steam scum who hadn't gotten on the wagon would use the chance to shout @ us for it. im no good at seeing who the scum doing it is though since town players would do the exact same depending on who it is.
This is a good post. I don't like it.

also if the lightning rod attracts ALL roles surely it would have attracted the bg even if it was scum. or was it just all roles people decided to use that night. idk
Usually it is only the roles that are used that night. Can confirm that such was the case last night too (if the lightning rod did in fact go through).
ftr i don't support this lynch but i dont exactly plan on getting all high and mighty over it since he would be a distraction (not to me but some people would have constantly insisted on pushing him)
Don't like this either.

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