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Re: Hulk Hogan 1993

Originally Posted by RyanPelley View Post
Yokozuna beating Bret Hart was bad enough at Mania IX. Hogan beating Yokozuna immediately after just made the first match pointless and disgusts me. If Hogan made Vince believe that people wouldn't be happy with a heel leaving Mania as Champion, then Bret should have retained the Title. Simple as that.

I wrote an article months ago about re-booking the entire year of 1993, including this. Bret got dicked over big time by Egomania, brother. And to make matters worse, when Bret is down, he tells Hogan to go get him, in the most cowardly way ever. Yeah, way to make the new face of your company, who is insanely over and deserves the Title, look like absolute dog shit.

But Dave, your post is perfect. Very dead on. It's funny how people were turning on Hogan, which was very evident at the 1992 Rumble. Sid eliminated Hogan and the crowd LOVED it! Then, Hogan pulls a very bitch like, heel move, being a sore loser and eliminates Sid from the outside of the ring.(Kayfabe yes, but nice hypocrisy) Hogan just couldn't handle it. He couldn't even let Savage have his moment in the spotlight at Mania 4. Had to stay in the ring with him.

Word is that they edited Gorilla's commentary at the '92 Royal Rumble, where at first when Sid eliminated Hogan he was fine with it on the live event, talking about how anything can happen. Then, later, they supposedly edited it that Monsoon called Sid a jerk for what he did.

Bringing Hogan back in 1993 was a bad move on Vince's part. It started the whole train wreck that we see of Hogan today.

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