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Re: Hulk Hogan 1993

Hogan politricking Vinnie Mac is legendary but Hogan disrespecting the strap is unbelievable. I have no clue why Vince allowed the champion to disappear from TV for months (allow me to add how some people thinking Brock Lesnar or The Rock winning the title and doing the same thing is a good idea today....no it isn't.)

Hogan was the the proverbial goose laying golden eggs and keeping him happy had always made Vince money, even if it made him look foolish & weak also. There's plenty of times he should have told Hogan to fuck off but he didn't. Hogan is by far one of the biggest backstabbers in history. He tried to put Vince outta business when he was in WCW and then he attempted to split Vince's audience with TNA as soon as he got there!
The only thing he didn't do is say Vince told him to take steroids, which if he had done that would have sunk the ship completely because Vince wouldn't have gotten outta prison until a few years ago.

I also feel bad for Bret. First Flair disappoints him and first ever world title win isn't broadcast on a big time television show (like a PPV/Superstars etc), then Vinnie & Hulk get over on him at WM 9, then Hulk refuses to drop the strap to him, then Vinnie puts the screws to him further by trying to replace him with Luger. After all that he still remained loyal and worked hard and after Yoko was done, Hogan was gone and Luger had failed, all that was left was Bret. That's a damn shame.

I won't go into the whole deal with Backlund, Diesel & HBK but it seemed like Bret had a really hard time keeping up with the politics of the WWE and he was made a fool of far too many times for my liking.
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