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Re: Hulk Hogan 1993

Originally Posted by dave 1981 View Post
1993 - Hogan agrees to return to team with Brutus Beefcake against Money Inc. at Wrestlemania and it appears to be the first time he will NOT be in the main event.
That probably has an awful lot to do with it, to be honest. Maybe Hogan was resentful about the fact that his era in the WWF was clearly coming to an end and in his uniquely egotistical and jealous way, he trashed the company title out of spite.

Originally Posted by dave 1981 View Post
When Hogan learns that WWE Champion Bret Hart is scheduled to drop the title to Yokozuna, he informs McMahon that this will be the first Wrestlemania that a face doesn't win the main event and the "people aren't gonna like it". Hogan suggests "surprising" the audience by challenging Yoko immediately afterward and beating him to win the WWE Title. Vince McMahon agees. Hogan beats Yoko to regain the title.
I can't believe that McMahon was stupid enough to believe that bullshit. Even if the fans had gone home disappointed about Yokozuna taking the title, a storyline involving Bret chasing Yokozuna for the title would have been better than not having a Champion at all.

Originally Posted by dave 1981 View Post
1993 - McMahon and WWE creative suggests Hogan and Bret Hart engage in a face vs face match at Summerslam that will see Hogan "pass the torch" to Hart and drop the title

I remember WWF Magazine running an article in the summer of 1993 comparing Bret Hart to Hulk Hogan and asking the question 'who would win?' It all seemed to be building towards a Summerslam match between the two.

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