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Re: Hulk Hogan 1993

From what i remember of back then Hulk Hogan told Vince McMahon that the fans would go crazy if a heel walked out of WrestleMania as WWE champion so he came up with the idea that he would beat Yokozuna after Yokozuna had beat Bret Hart so Yokozuna didn't look weak. As far as i'm aware there isn't proof because can't find them but the ratings actually went down with Hulk Hogan as WWE champion after WrestleMania 9 and i don't even remember him once appearing as WWE champion either.

If you went back to 1991 it was clear then that people had began to tire of Hulk Hogan and his all good, all american, whiter than white babyface character and he was beginning to be booed as far back as then and again although i'd have no way to confirm it i have seen stories over the years that said that was part of why Hulk Hogan left in 1992. I remember seeing that video from Japan on Youtube before and it was called something like Hulk Hogan kills WWF title credibility after he says the title belt he won in Japan was the most prestigious in the world.

Basically Hulk Hogan wanted to come back and act as if WWE in 1993 was 1984-1992 all over again but due to the steroid scandal building smaller wrestlers like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels began to lead The New Generation Era which to start with was centered around in ring skills rather than larger than life characters. Also WWE had started Raw which was a weekly show unlike Prime Time Wrestling, Superstar and Wrestling Challenge as it was to feature the biggest and best wrestlers every week and Hulk Hogan had never had to do that before so he was unhappy with his potential schedule.

After WrestleMania 9 and depending on who you believe the plan was then to build towards Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan for the WWE title at SummerSlam with Bret Hart going over in a passing of the torch match. Hulk Hogan was said to be very unhappy with this because Bret Hart was a much smaller babyface and not as popular as the likes of The Ultimate Warrior or Randy Savage were when he worked with them so he refused and then said he would drop it to Yokozuna at King Of The Ring but then wanted out of WWE again. This is why he left WWE as soon as King Of The Ring was done and Vince McMahon scrambled to replace him with Lex Luger in the all american, whiter than white babyface role.

Whatever way you look at it the reality is this was Hulk Hogan politics at it's worst and him not caring about the long term future of the company which at that time Bret Hart very much was as he was the face of the company for the following years after Hulk Hogan and prior to Shawn Michaels. When Hulk Hogan returned in 2002 he is said to have done a similar thing and only agreed to lose to The Rock after refusing to put Stone Cold Steve Austin and being given a WWE title run a month later which he got when he beat Triple H at Backlash but after dropping the WWE title to The Undertaker a month later he complained he wasn't happy in how he was being used and left but this time Vince McMahon only agreed to this on the condition he lost to Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar first, here is a few bits from 1993 and 2002 i got from a site called Burning Soul and which i posted on here before.

1993 - Hogan agrees to return to team with Brutus Beefcake against Money Inc. at Wrestlemania and it appears to be the first time he will NOT be in the main event.

When Hogan learns that WWE Champion Bret Hart is scheduled to drop the title to Yokozuna, he informs McMahon that this will be the first Wrestlemania that a face doesn't win the main event and the "people aren't gonna like it". Hogan suggests "surprising" the audience by challenging Yoko immediately afterward and beating him to win the WWE Title. Vince McMahon agees. Hogan beats Yoko to regain the title.

1993 - McMahon and WWE creative suggests Hogan and Bret Hart engage in a face vs face match at Summerslam that will see Hogan "pass the torch" to Hart and drop the title.

Hogan turned the idea down, and agreed to drop the title back to Yokozuna, who in turn would drop it to Hart at SS. Some critics believe, however, that Hogan simply didn't want to drop the title to the new flagship of the company.

Hogan drops the belt to Yoko at KOTR (but doesn't drop it cleanly), while WWE goes with the failed Lex Luger "US Express" idea. Hogan leaves WWE two months later and does not appear at Summerslam.

2002 - Hogan accepts an offer to return to WWE and reunite the original NWO, with the understanding he would be in a featured match with The Rock at Wrestlemania X8.

Hogan scored a huge deal from WWE, and agreed to put over The Rock. He suggests they close the show as he felt "they had drawn the crowd" - but McMahon and specifically Triple H refuse to put the WWE Title match in a secondary role.

Hogan is later booked to win the title from Triple H, but is dissapointed when it comes with the condition he drop it to Undertaker a month later.

After being booked to lose to Kurt Angle at KOTR 2002, Hogan decided he needed time off again. Despite only having been back for all of four months.

Hogan is convinced to stay long enough to get in a quick tag team championship win with Edge. He is then asked to put over Brock Lesnar, which he does.

He is dissatisfied with his role, because he isn't be portrayed the way "he thought he would". He takes another "extended break" after the Lesnar match.

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