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Re: Hulk Hogan 1993

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
I didn't know about what he did to the title's prestige in Japan, so that is a new shocker to me. Nice post/thread.
Yeah, I only just found it myself. Couldn't believe it.

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
What I think is most likely is that Hogan, with his backstage pull and politics, put himself in the title match in the last minute, convinced Vince or wheover it was incharge backstage that the ratings will go up with him as champion and it's a much better idea to have him with it again than Yokozuna. His politics and ego at it's finest.
I can believe this but then, surely, if the WWF Champion isn't on TV, the ratings won't go up. You've basically got an absent Champion. Do you think that Hogan promised some TV appearances that he just didn't deliver on?

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
Vince and the WWF probably didn't know about Hogan going to Japan otherwise I am sure they wouldn't have agreed to it. Hogan probably didn't tell anyone until the last moment.
The match with Muta in Japan was held in early May 1993, less than a month after Wrestlemania 9. I imagine that the Muta/Hogan match was advertised a long time in advance and that, perhaps, McMahon put the title on him to get the WWF some press in Japan. If that was the case, I'm confused about why would Hogan trash the title at a press conference, and why he was allowed. If anybody else took the WWF title to a different wrestling organisation and trashed the title like Hogan did, there's no way that McMahon would stand for it. It all seems a bit weird.

Originally Posted by ejc8710 View Post
Here is a rare match but i'm guessing it was before wrestlemania 9
Yeah, it was before. I guess it was a little warm up match for Hogan to work off the ring rust before his big Wrestlemania match. The guy barely broke a sweat during his 1993 WWF reign. He must've put in about a couple of hours work during his whole run that year.

Originally Posted by ejc8710 View Post
I would also like to know why wwe made that stupid move but all I can find is that the Mega-Maniacs did wrestle money inc at a couple house shows during April and May
Yeah, I think he did two house shows after Wrestlemania and then the next appearance was at King of the Ring, two and half months later. I know that he didn't appear on Raw again until 2002.


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