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Hulk Hogan 1993

Hulk Hogan's WWF Championship win in 1993 remains one of the most controversial Championship victories for WWF fans of the era. For those who don't know what happened, Hogan miraculously won the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania IX, despite the fact that he wasn't booked in the Championship match. It was a strange climax to an underwheling Wrestlemania.

Sticking the title on Hogan in such a bizarre, off the cuff way was already a strange booking choice but what followed was even stranger. Despite being the WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan didn't even appear on Raw as WWF Champion. I'm currently watching Raw from 1993 and there is a huge Championship shaped hole in most of the programming where Hogan just wasn't around.

So, where was he? In Japan, strangely, wrestling the Great Muta.

The match was pretty good, but I have to wonder why he wasn't with the WWF at the time? Why did the WWF put the title on somebody who wasn't going to be around for months? Especially when he treats the championship like this:

That's right - he refers to the WWF Championship as a 'toy' and a 'trinket'. So, I'm still wondering, why did they put the title on somebody who was uncommitted and outright disrespectful to the company?

Does anybody know? Why was Hogan allowed to behave like this? What did WWF gain from it? I know that they were planning Hogan/Bret, but even so - surely they want their WWF Champion to be present, not off disrespecting the title on the otherside of the world.


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