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Titania was roaming the forest at night, following someone through the darkness like Alan Wake on Xbox 360 (Seriously that game is fun as hell), when all of a sudden, a girl with a sword appears at Titania's side. "Clever girl," Titania says before she gets pierced.

Spoiler for Titania was...:

Congratulations, you are EFFIE TRINKET WATCHER TOWN Aligned - Congratulations, you are Effie Trinket, a loud annoying know it all from the Capitol, but you're part of Katniss and Peeta's training team, so you're town. Because you're such a big gossip you can taget, once per night you can target a player, and you will learn who, if anybody, targeted that player on that same night. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

On the other side of the forest, shortly after the cannons signaling Titania's death roared, IMPULSE had his bow and arrow aimed and ready to take down a key target, when he is distracted by a scream in the night. But it was no scream. It was New Jack's theme from ECW blasting in the air, as a group of giant dogs appeared and tried to get at dat sweet IMPmeat.

IMP darted up the side of the cave he and Evolution had been living in, platonically as friends with no funny business I might add, and began to shoot arrows down at the dogs. He pegged one right in the face (Lady Croft\Striker? He's not sure, after all it is quite dark.) and another one, wearing a large trench coat (obviously shep, he figures) tries to leap up the side of the cave, but can't quite get the required traction before an arrow pierces him.

"Phew," PROPHET sighs, "I think they can't get up here, I can just relax and enjoy this rain. Wait, why is it only raining on me?"

IMPULSE looks up, and sees a big mean dog looking down at him, barring it's teeth. It has Evolution's eyes, "So this is how it is?" MOSES asks, "RIP ME." he says, as the monster dog's second mouth shoots out and pierces IMPULSE in the head, eating his brain in the process. ALIEN WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER.

Spoiler for MAW BOY IMPULSE was...:

Congratulations, you are mo'fuckin KATNISS EVERDEEN! - UNLIMITED VIG - DISTRICT 12 Aligned - You are the main character of the book, from an early age your father taught you how to hunt with a bow. As such, every night you are capable of shooting someone. You are also a badass and the most beautiful woman alive and I love you. Due to a surprise change in rules, you are teamed up with your fellow District 12 tribute, Peeta Mellark, who is NK immune. Once per night, you can choose which one of you makes the kill, and which of you are NK immune. This means Peeta can make Katniss NK Immune, while Peeta performs the kill, if you so desire.. If one of you dies, you don't get to use their role anymore, of course. You are truly a GIRL ON FIRE. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

It is now Day 7, I think, and with 9 alive it is 5 to lynch. No splits will be given.

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