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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

NJPW Dontaku 3/5/12

Yoshihiro Takayama & Minoru Suzuki vs Yuji Nagata & Togi Makabe was enjoyable enough but
nothing great. Loved the finish though. I mark for MiSu.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Karl Anderson
Great match. Nakamura is so awesome. None of Anderson's leg work that never leads anywhere
so that was good, and he only worked over the arm for like a minute so it was fine that Nakamura just kind of shrugged it off. These guys always have great finishing stretches and this was no different. Nakamura's offense just looks so sick and Anderson's strikes looked awesome, especially that awesome bycicle kick when Shinsuke was tied up in the ropes. Lots of fun. ***3/4

Low Ki vs Prince Devitt
Great match here with the story being Lowki going after Devitt's injured ribs. Lowki was great at doing so, and Devitt was awesome selling the ribs. The workover was sweet and it wasn't too long so it didn't drag, and I absolutely loved the sequence that led to Devitt's comeback. The finishing stretch was really good, and even though Devitt kicked out of the double foot stomp and the Ki Crusher, it didn't seem like overkill. I honestly would have liked the workover to maybe last a little longer to get the feeling that Devitt was seriously in trouble, but it was fine the way it was I guess. Ki won over the crowd with his performance here which was cool, and I thought he was really good and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him in Japan, I think it suits him better than the US indy's. Anyway, great stuff but it was missing something to really elevate it for me. Saying that it was the most I've enjoyed either guy for quite a while. ****

Kazuchika Okada vs Hirooki Goto
This was awesome. I'm guessing I might like this more than a few people though. Started slow with some chain wrestling but ended up with Goto realising Okada's game plan to try and go after the neck so he turned the tables and Goto went after Okada's neck. It was surprising to see Okada as the heel being worked over early on but he turned it around after hitting a boot over the railing and Goto landed right on his head, that looked nasty as hell, it must have been an accident but it set up Okada's neck work perfectly. He again busted out those swanky submissions and everything he did looked great when he was in control. There was a real nice submission exchange nearer the end with both guys going after the other guys neck. I'm starting to like the way Okada uses the tombstone now. Some of the sequences were so slick, like Goto going for that run behind lariat but Okada countering it with an amazing dropkick. They really messed up one spot which was a counter and it looked pretty bad but they recovered it and from then on the finishing stretch absolutely made up for it. It was sick and probably a better finish than the Naito/Okada match. Both just throwing big moves all aimed at the neck was aewesome. I loved all the counters Goto had for the Rainmaker, and the last one especially looked so fucking smooth and well executed. The finish itself was awesome, I love the way Okada builds up the Rainmaker throughout the finishing stretch, but I kind of wish he would get rid of that Death Valley Driver he does, It's probably the only thing he does that doesn't look that great, and I think the Air Raid neckbreaker is enough of a devastating signature move to not need anything else before the Lariat. Both guys sold really well throughout too which helped a lot, I thought Goto did especially well with the selling since he was worked over longer. Great match, not on the level of the Naito/Okada match, but Okada is the truth. His entrance completely owns as well. ****1/4
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