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The End is here?

My WWE booking is a little different. My starts on the day after Survivor Series. The Raw brand host there show.

Opening Segment

Eric Bishoff welcomes us to Raw. He introduces Morely as chief of staff, and introduces Shawn Micheals. He enters the ring crying at the ovation from the crowd. He is proud of his aceivement in the elimination chamber. Before he finishs he is interuptted by bishoff saying his oppenent would be Rob Van Dam at Armageddon. With Triple H as guest referee.

1st Match

Dudleyz vs. 3 Minute Warning

Returning Dudleyz win with a 3D on Jamal.

F-View TV is shown with Eric Bishoff talking to Morley.

Bishoff: What the hell Raw ratings our down to the lowest totals in years. I mean we need help.

Morely: We need to cut someone fast.

Bishoff: I have an idea

Match 2

Chris Norwinski vs. Tommy Dreamer

Eric comes out and says this match will be a loser is fired match.

Norwinski misses him with the Harvard Book and Dreamer hits the Dreamer Driver.

Crowd chants nananana nananana hey hey hey good-bye to Norwinski. As he yells this isn't fake. You shouldn't be laughing. That he is really fired and its not a storyline.

JR remains silent and ingnores the whole thing.

Match 3

Tag Team Titles Match
Jericho & Christian vs Test and Kane

Jericho and Christian retain with a low blow.

We return to F-View TV with Bishoff.

Bishoff: Who the hell did that booking. How will our ratings ever raise. We need this to get better fast.

Match 4

Batista vs. Booker T.

Batista wins by Flair's interference.

Ric Flair challenges RVD to match later on that night.

Eric Talks to MTV on the phone while still on F-View TV.

Bishoff: You can't cancel Heat all the future stars will be screwed. Please reconsider. Vince will be here to handle. What he agree to it.

JR: (not noticing he is back on the air.) This is must be a last minute change to storylines oh uh welcome back.

Match 5

Victoria vs. Molly vs Trish Womens Title

Victoria beats Molly with her Widow's Peak.

RVD is in a interview accepting the challenge by Flair.

Jeff Hardy vs. Lance Storm w/ William Regal

Lance wins with a Sharpshotter.

Main Event:

Ric Flair vs Rob Van Dam

RVD wins brutal match and Shawn Michaels comes in here to shake his hand. Flair says Triple H is coming and there will be hell to pay in the meantime. Batisa comes up and beat both RVD and HBK.

Bishoff is on the phone again with F-View TV.

Bishoff: Vince you can't cancel Heat. You can't fire Raven, Johnny Stamboli, D-Lo Brown, Mark Jinsak, and Sean O'Haire.

(silent for a minute.)

Bishoff: Ok maybe I should about this later.

He hangs up

Bishoff: Why is the F-View in this room. I didn't ask for it this week did I. Oh crap its been on this whole time.

Camera Guy: sorry the production was screwed up.

Bishoff: u stupid jackass now the marks out there found out that the company is in trouble.

The Shows Ends Prematurely

I will continue with Smackdown soon.

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