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Shep and Big_Man appeared on different sides of the entrance, they both, at the exact same time, darted toward the table set up in the middle of the field, containing a large backpack that was promised to be a game changer. Shep practically dove on the table to grab the large backpack, but he was quickly met with a blow to the back of the head by Big_Man.

The table fell to the floor, and both competitors with it, they both rolled around, trying to get a hold of each other and throw some punches, but neither man could get the upper hand.

Shep finally got on top, and rained down fists upon Big Man, but Big Man turned him over into a figure four leg lock which Shep began to sell like Dolph Ziggler sells the Ref throwing a mop at him.

The two men struggled, until finally they both broke free, and stumbled to their feet, Shep grabbed the bag, and in a desperation move tried to hit Big_Man with it, but sadly he was met with a knife in the chest, as Big_Man had happened to find a knife stuck in the ground from the initial bloodbath.

Even though neither man held no malice to each other, everyone knows that only one contestant is allowed to leave the Games alive.

Spoiler for Shep was...:

Congratulations, you are CAESAR FLICKERMAN 1 SHOT LIE DETECTOR TOWN Aligned You are in charge of interviewing all the Hunger Games tributes, and because you have a lot of experience doing so, you can spot a lie. ONCE AND ONLY ONCE, during a night phase, you can PM me the post # of a certain post, I will tell you if what they said is THE TRUTH, a LIE, or if it's something that can't be verified I DONT KNOW. Choose wisely. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

It is still Day 4.

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