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Re: Classic Wrestling General Discussion: Review & Recommend Wrestlers/Matches/Shows

“The Shooter” Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero
2 out of 3 Falls Match
ECW 08/26/1995

Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero earned notoriety in the United States as singles performers their series of matches together that absolutely tore the house down at the ECW Arena for about half a year. As a result, WCW acquired their talents.

It was the norm when a talent would receive a contract with one of the big companies the fans would angrily shout at the talent, “You sold out!” However, Malenko and Guerrero received a reaction that was more like a love fest as oppose to contempt at their departure because the ECW appreciated this special breed of talent. Showered with “Please don’t go” chants from the ECW faithful Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero (visibility consumed with emotion) entered the ECW Arena for the final time to perform.

During this period in mainstream wrestling, these two exceptionally talented wrestlers presented wrestling styles not popular in the States. Malenko and Guerrero presented professional wrestling to this audience the way they mastered it in Japan and Mexico. A style of wrestling that featured fast paced, mat based submission wrestling mixed with hard-hitting, high flying moves applied with precise execution that built the intensity of the performance and the excitement of the audience minute by minute. The intensity of the emotion in that room was just incredible.

RESPECT - HONOR - ADMIRATION: Three elements this unforgettable farewell match entails. Malenko and Guerrero earned the respect of the ECW fans based on their ability to take wrestling to the extreme without picking up a weapon or shedding a drop of blood. These two 2nd generation wrestlers battled for months over the ECW World Television Championship and raised their level of competitiveness with each encounter. Both men badly want to defeat the other and hate has nothing to do with this extended rivalry. This is not a grudge match but a match about PRIDE and bringing the focus back to wrestling.

So many great wrestlers got their 1st opportunities to shine on American television in ECW, wrestlers that initially may not have had that same opportunity anywhere else. Paul Heyman afforded guys like Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Taz, and others the time to showcase their talents and attention to gain that notoriety to open the door for bigger opportunities.

Dean is one of the best technical wrestlers ever and here he executes every hold with first-rate precision. Eddie is a natural in that ring with his smooth pacing of transitions and delivery of beautifully swift moves such as a springboard arm drag or an impaling tornado DDT; immaculate delivery here from both competitors. Eddie and Dean have unadulterated chemistry with each other. Eddie has said in his autobiography, “Once you know that you’ve got the wrestling chemistry down, you can add to it, intensify it with more drama, more emotion.” I also love how their contrast in characters compliments so well together. Malenko is so technically sound and is this cold as ice grappler – “The Shooter.” Eddie is full of fire and he displays that with the energy he brings to the match and in the fluidity of his explosive holds.

Eddie believed if the chemistry was right, two wrestlers can go out and tear the house down. When you have performers this good and know each other as well as Eddie and Dean did, they can work a frenetic, breakneck pace and know which direction they want to take the match almost instinctively. That is the kind of chemistry both men have said to have had with each other.

They did an impressive job with the structure of the match and the falls I thought. I enjoyed watching the counter wrestling holds and the submission transitions performed on the mat. The implementations of payback spots embellished the story of their competitive rivalry. If Guerrero hit Malenko with a Brainbuster, Malenko would hit him with one once he got the advantage back. If Malenko stomped on Guerrero’s face then Guerrero would answer with twisting the sole of his boot in the face of Malenko. Both men looked like formidable in the entire contest and with each fall. I liked how Eddie gained his fall through craftiness and Dean gained his on becoming more assertive when he saw that he was in risk of losing.

Finishing stretch is exactly what you would expect from these two featuring various pin attempts at an extremely high rate. The segment is very common (and a bit clichéd) in wrestling today, especially in the independent wrestling scene, but here it is fresh and the performers built towards it so well so that the finale could reach its climatic potential. They wrestled for over 20 minutes but it never felt that long. I actually would have like to have seen them go longer but I must say it is a great feeling to be amazed by a performance and left lingering for more …

Eddie and Dean wanted to leave a lasting memory for the ECW faithful and they certainly accomplished that with this superb wrestling showdown – a “Malenko/Guerrero classic.” The adulation from the fans, the ECW locker room, and Paul Heyman is a respectable moment in wrestling that is simply unforgettable. What a moment seeing Dean Malenko speak for the first time and share words with Eddie in this expressive farewell.

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