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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Star and Noble kicking off the show would no doubt be a hell of a match so kudos on this. Liked the fact Star didnít waste any time and took it to Noble before the bell, shows how heated itís got between the two. Star really started this one strong but Noble came back in it well, bringing the chair out was a clever move and shows Noble ainít afraid to get down and dirty here, the chair shot to the skull onto the post was brutal and to be honest couldíve ended it there and then. Haha Star giving Noble the fingers, love it. Wow, triple jump moonsault from Star, beautiful stuff here. The chairs in this thing are really taking a pounding arenít they? Some brutal action from both men as we head into a commercial.

Again, coming off the commercial some brutal stuff, the Samurai Driver onto the stage is just, ouch. No shock that busted Noble open, a little blood certainly adds to this kinda battle. WOW, cross body off the column, thatís insanely high, incredible action. Ending was right up there with the rest of this contest, it was high flying, brutal and exciting, giving Star a huge win. Really enjoyable match to start off the show.

Very interesting interview here. Always been the WGTT way to let their actions do the talking but the Jericho arrival surprised me. Was a nice little Ďworthyí mention and although I canít see it happening, itís a nice prospect.

Only one winner here and thatís Joe as expected. Aftermath was more important and these two are simply trying to tear each other apart, I love it. Canít wait for them to finally go at it, gonna be a war.

Liked the concept of this interview but didnít particularly like how it went down if Iím being honest. I know it was Van Damís home and what have you but I really wouldíve preferred his wife to stay out of it. I get what you were going for but it wasnít for me, just my preference. I think even if youíd have had a lost looking Van Dam staring into space, not responding, it wouldíve still been as intriguing.

Finlay, a man of many words as ever.

Solid contest here between these two teams but I didnít like the ending. Iíd have rather you had a no contest, an appearance from American Made perhaps to throw this one out as the defeat hurts SFC a little bit in my opinion. Theyíve been so dominant and I wouldíve liked to see that continue heading into the title match. Win is huge however for Sons of Dungeon which I guess makes up for it, they look a real threat now. Aftermath with American Made and WGTT wasnít all that necessary to be honest, felt more of a way to get Hagar and Nameth on the show.

Really liked the Punk interview here, particularly his broom interaction with Miz. Hassan was spot on here when he came in and glad to see the Mercs being used efficiently again. Really well worked segment.

Nice run down of the card for two weeks, shaping up beautifully.

Erm, no idea what the hell this is about with Heyman. No idea.

End segment was very different and I really liked the whole Michaels man in the mirror thing. The way you had Jericho thinking his plan was all coming together in the background was a nice little touch also. Michaels admitting all his demons, baring all to the crowd was pretty deep and I liked the fact you had him admit that nothingís changed, he is still that guy deep down. However, a little later on in it, you had him say that heís atoned for his sins and heís made up for who he was then? That had me a little confused to be honest considering what he said moments earlier. The ending with the mirror was really well done, Jericho getting to be on the receiving end for a change was a nice way of closing this one out.

On the whole another good show here 619. Opener was probably the highlight for me, hell of a match between Star and Noble. Everything else developed slowly but surely, I thought Hassan/Punk was beautifully executed while Michaels/Jericho as well as Joe/Lashley progressed. Keep the good stuff coming, Very Merry War should be a cracker.
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