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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

CMLL Super Viernes 2001-11-09

Relevos Atomicos
Atlantis, El Hijo del Santo, Negro Casas and Rey Misterio Jr. (tecnicos) vs Black Tiger #3, Fuerza Guerrera, Juventud Guerrera and Nicho el Millonario (rudos)


I watched this match only, because Rey Mysterio Jr. was there.

1st Fall
Match starts with some chaos, as all 8 men are brawling inside and outside of the ring. Rudos control it. All rudos team up on Negro Casas, then Atlantis and Hijo del Santo. Rey Mysterio is somewhere outside of the ring. Black Tiger and Nicho el Milionsrio double-suplex Atlantis. Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out of nowhere, tries to do a springboard moonsault, bus Negro Casas catches him and reverses it into a powerslam to take the first fall. A quick fall, in which rudos dominated all the time.

2nd Fall
Fuerza Guerrera kisses Juventud Guerrera. Weird. 2nd fall starts with Atlantis and Fuerza Guerrera. Atlantis performs catapult, quebradora. Camera cuts to fans and I didn't understand, what happened, but when is showed the ring, Rey Mysterio Jr. was (finally) there against Juventud Guerrera. Rey Mysterio does an incredible huricanrana and Juvi falls out of the ring. Then Rey does a apron-to-floor huricanrana. Hijo del Santo and Nicho el Milionario are in the ring. They exchange various running attacks and Hijo del Santo does an impressive huricanrana to throw Nicho outside. Rey Mysterio is tagged in and is double teamed by Fuerza and Tiger. They try to do something like Doomsday Device, Rey escapes it and, instead, gets caught by a flying clothesline. Hijo del Santo, Rey Mysterio and Atlantis destroy rudos for a moment, Atlantis is going crazy with his Quebradora Backbreakers, bur rudos, once again, gain control. Atlantis and Hijo del Santo are outside. Nicho el Milionario tries split-legged moonsault, but boches and lands head first on the apron. Juventud Guerrera lands good on Negro Casas. Meanwhile, Hijo del Santo and Rey Mysterio are being destroyed by Black Tiger and Fuerza Guerrera. Suddenly, tecnicos take back the control and Hijo del Santo sunset powerbombs Nicho el Milionario from the apron to on the floor. Rey mysterio catches Fuerza Guerrera with a top rope huricanrana and takes the second fall.

3rd Fall
Atlantis starts last fall with Black Tiger. They exchange typical lucha style running and dodging and Atlantis catches Tiger with a crossbody, Quebradora, tries some submission maneuver, but Juventud comes in and saves Tiger. Juvi is attacked by Santo and Rey Mysterio. Rey does a guilliotina leg drop from the apron into the ring, but lands right on the face of Juventud Guerrera. He refuses to continue and goes out of the ring, holding his face. Negro Casas beats Nicho with some big boots and Nicho goes out of the ring. Casas jumps out and goes after him. Rey Mysterio tries another springboard moonsault and again is catched, this time by Fuerza Guerrera. He puts Rey head down into corner and spears him. Goes for the second spear, but Rey Mysterio moves out of the way. Rey then does an awesome reverse top rope huricanrana to Black Tiger and awesome hurianrana to throw him out of the ring. Negro Casas does an incredible spinning package pin on Nicho el Milionario to take the third fall. Tecnicos win it 2-1.

After the match
Tecnicos pose in the ring and celebrate with the fans. Nicho el Milionario, angry, says something about his family and Perros del Mal.

I accept rep.

Headbanging is crucial.

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