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Finished the show last week. Don't think I'm as high on it as others are in the sense I wouldn't rank it up there with the best shows ever or anything. Season 4 is amazing though. Thought Season 3 wasn't all that good though besides the last 2 episodes being 2 of the best episodes of the show. Take out the scenes with Hank in the parking lot and when Jesse/Walt are trapped in the trailer I thought it was pretty bad. Fly episode really sucked. Biggest turnoff of the show for me is too many boring characters (Marie/Skylar/Walt Jr.) and not enough light hearted stuff to accompany the intense scenes.

Glad I wasn't the only one who hated Gus going Two-Face at the end either. The tie bit was so stupid and killed what was a great exit I thought. So glad Mike wasn't killed off and him being left in Mexico was a neat way of getting around him not dying with Gus. Think Mike is probably my favourite character along with Jesse.

Season 5 should hopefully be every bit as good as Season 4. Hank's investigation should finally get him some answers, Jesse will hopefully find about Walk being a cunt and hopefully we get Mike/Jesse vs Walt too. Season being split in two should mean it moves along faster too which is a good thing for me.

As far as ranking the Seasons I thought 4 was so far ahead of the others it's not true. Then 1, 2 and finally 3. Thought 3 was as comfortably the worst as 4 was the best.
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